List of Tourist Attractions in Flores East Nusa Tenggara Indonesia

Flores is an island next to Lombok, this is the best area in the world of diving. Therefore, there are tours in flores east nusa tenggara indonesia that are interesting to visit.

Therefore, there you can find pure wild water and also a number of underwater life, such as turtles, sharks, and other rare biota. Many tourists flock to visit there just to enjoy an exciting vacation time. For this reason, we have summarized several tourist attractions in flores east nusa tenggara indonesia. Here is the review!

List of Tourist Attractions in Flores East Nusa Tenggara Indonesia

1. Hill of Love

Hill of Love is very popular with the name of Sylvia Hill, this hill is outside Labuan Bajo. This hill is one of the reasons many tourists gather just to enjoy the sunset view. Another panorama of beauty in Hill of Love by enjoying the coolness of tropical forests, panoramic views of blue sea water, and beautiful hills and of course instagramable.

If you visit Labuan Bajo, then it would be nice to first go around the city and then go to Hill of Love in the afternoon so that you can enjoy a very epic sunset event.

2. Seraya Island

Seraya Island keeps its coral reefs on the coastal part which means that tourists can find a variety of marine life and unique animals, such as sharks and turtles. To feel an exhilarating adventure, then you can also do diving or snorkeling in the area.

In addition, the island is also inhabited by a fishing village which is relatively unique and is located at one end of the island. You can come there to enjoy the specialties.

3. Komodo Island

Komodo Island is home to a National Park and can also be said to be the most popular area in Flores Indonesia. The park is inhabited by many Komodo dragons similar to large lizards or geckos.

The main attraction there is the presence of Komodo dragons, but many tourists are not clear that the location has beautiful sea water and it is a pity if you miss it.

4. Lake Kelimutu

Kelimutu is actually a volcano which is the reason many tourists visit there is because of the 3 crater lakes that are inside the mountain and also each of them emits a luster with a fairly unique color. The lakes are green, red, and blue and these colors are caused by various gases that are below the surface.

5. Kanawa Island

The waters on this island are filled with marine life and also you will also go on an adventure to meet amazing sharks, rays, and turtles. There tourists will see colorful coral reefs and sway by following the currents under the sea. The island is perfect for those of you who want to be far away from the crowds and can relieve emotions.

6. Batu Biru Beach

Officially, this beach has the name Penggajawa, but sometimes it is popular with the name Batu Biru Beach, maybe you also know it with the nickname Batu Hijau Beach. The reason the beach is interesting is because the coast is not composed of sand, but in the form of turquoise pebbles.

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This became a rare natural reality in Flores but actually raised the aesthetics. Not only presenting the aesthetics of turquoise pebbles. The area also offers another beautiful natural panorama in the form of sea water combined with its spectacular cliffs.

Those are some reviews that discuss about tourist attractions in flores east nusa tenggara indonesia. With the 6 tours above you can visit just to enjoy its beauty.

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