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Flores, Ebulobo volcano

Flores, Ebulobo volcano


Country: Indonesia
Subregion Name: Lesser Sunda Islands (Indonesia)
Volcano Number: 0604-10=
Volcano Type: Stratovolcano
Volcano Status: Historical
Last Known Eruption: 1969 
Summit Elevation: 2124 m 6,968 feet
Latitude: 8.82°S 8°49’0″S
Longitude: 121.18°E 121°11’0″E
Ebulobo, also referred to as Amburombu or Keo Peak, is a symmetrical stratovolcano in central Flores Island. The summit of 2124-m-high Gunung Ebulobo cosists of a flat-topped lava dome. The 250-m-wide summit crater of the steep-sided volcano is breached on three sides. The Watu Keli lava flow traveled from the northern breach to 4 km from the summit in 1830, the first of only four recorded historical eruptions of the volcano.

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