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Flores, Labuhanbajo, Fishing Village

Flores, Labuhanbajo, Fishing Village



Labuan Bajo is a fishing town located at the western end of Flores in the Nusa Tenggara region of east Indonesia.

Once a small fishing village, Labuan Bajo (also spelled Labuhanbajo and Labuanbajo) in Flores is now a busy bustling center of tourism.[1] It is the launching point for trips to Komodo Island and Rinca Island, home to the famous komodo dragons. Nearby Kanawa and Seraya Islands are a great opportunity to do some diving and snorkeling and every evening at Kalong Island thousands of flying fox bats put on an amazing display.

Within a few hours of Labuan Bajo can be found several waterfalls, trekking and many diverse beaches.

The town is quite small and can easily be traversed on foot (in 10-15 minutes). Ojeks (3,000-5,000 Rp) and bemos pass every 5 minutes if you get tired of walking. You can rent a motorcycle for 75,000 Rp. per day. There are now 4 working ATM’s in the town and the road is paved.

Komodo Airport is located just 2 km from the center of Labuan Bajo and has 4-6 daily flights arriving from Bali. The port has daily ferry departures to Bima and weekly or bi-weekly departures to Denpasar and Sulawesi.

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