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Flores, Leroboleng volcano

Flores, Leroboleng volcano


Country: Indonesia
Subregion Name: Lesser Sunda Islands (Indonesia)
Volcano Number: 0604-20=
Volcano Type: Complex volcano
Volcano Status: Historical
Last Known Eruption: 2003 
Summit Elevation: 1117 m 3,665 feet
Latitude: 8.358°S 8°21’30″S
Longitude: 122.842°E 122°50’30″E
Leroboleng volcano, also known as Lereboleng or Lewono, lies at the eastern end of a 4.5-km-long, WSW-ESE-trending chain of three volcanoes straddling a narrow peninsula in NE Flores Island. The summit of Gunung Leroboleng contains 29 small fissure-controlled craters, two containing lakes. A small lava dome occupies one of the craters. Most of the craters originated along three N-S-trending fissures immediately east of the summit of the volcano. The largest crater, 250-m-wide Ili Gelimun, is located SSE of the summit and fed lava flows from a lower south-flank vent. Explosive eruptions were reported from Burak crater during the 19th century.

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