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Flores, Maumere, Fishing Village

Flores, Maumere, Fishing Village



Wuring Village

Wuring, a small fishing village, with impressive Mt Egon volcano in the background, is located on the main road about four kilometers west of Maumere. It is home to Bugis and Bajo people who live in traditionally constructed stilt houses. As Wuring was massively hit by the tsunami in 1992, many people moved to the neighboring village of Nangahure. However, Wuring is still their homeland where they carry on their tradition as tenacious Bugis fishermen.

Some of the villagers build boats, but not the big phinisi-schooners which the Buginese people are famed for. Women from nearby inland villages often come to Wuring to sell their agricultural produce for local fresh fish or salted fish which is a popular product in Sikkanese markets. 

The Wuring people are friendly and open to visitors. Taking pictures usually is not a problem to them. The local children are especially fond of guests and are happy to accompany you in high numbers on your stroll through their village

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