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Flores Mbeliling Conservation Area

Flores, Mbeliling Conservation Area


Mbeliling is a forest and bird conservation area, the highest point of Mount Mbeliling is 1.200 meters above sea level, located in west Flores Island – Indonesia near Labuan Bajo.

The area of Mbeliling covers 5.000 Hectare, valley, hills that covered forest and mountain peak provide beautiful landscape overlooking to west Flores Island.

Living some kinds of birds species, according to Birdlife Indonesia Association there are 127 kinds of birds species living around Mbeliling and Puar Lolo forest, dominated by three Flores endemic birds and also endangered birds are: Kehicap Flores (Monarcha Sacerdotum), Serindit Flores (Loriculus Flosculus), and Gagak Flores (Corvus Florensis).

Some  interesting place around  Mbeliling forest are Cunca Lolos waterfall, Cunca Rami waterfal and volcanic crater lake called “Sano Nggoang” and also locals village. All place are located in the middle of  Mbeliling forest provide cool water flow from the mountain and natural forest.

Sano Nggoang crater lake covers 512 Hectare and 600m deep.
These lake is biggest volcanic crater in the east Indonesia, provide savana peak overlooking of lake, three hot spring water with 37 degrees celcius and 100 degrees celcius.

Special for bird watching, a good time are in the morning (06.00am – 10.00am) and in the afternoon (15.00pm – 18.00pm)

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