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Flores, Moni Village

Flores, Moni Village


Moni is a small settlement at the foot of the volcanic Mount Kelimutu on the island of Flores in Indonesia. It is a good base for a trip to the coloured lakes of the volcano.

Moni can be reached by minibus from Labuanbajo. It is a cramped trip but the scenery is breathtaking. It is also possible to hire a car and guide to take you across the island. Do let us know if you’re interested in it.

To get up to the volcano it is possible to hire a minibus, or you can simply hike. Try taking the bus up and then walking down through the gorgeous villages.

Ikats weaving is one of the most attractive to see in the area of Moni, Take a walk to Jopu villages where you can see how the process of Ikat weaving. Along the routes between Moni and Jopu is the most beautiful view on the area, take walk all the way to Jopu and on the way back take a bus ride from Jopu to Moni.

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