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Flores, Ranakah volcano

Flores, Ranakah volcano


Country: Indonesia
Subregion Name: Lesser Sunda Islands (Indonesia)
Volcano Number: 0604-071
Volcano Type: Lava domes
Volcano Status: Historical
Last Known Eruption: 1991 
Summit Elevation: 2350 m 7,710 feet
Latitude: 8.62°S 8°37’0″S
Longitude: 120.52°E 120°31’0″E
A new lava dome, named Anak Ranakah (Child of Ranakah) was formed in 1987 in an area without previous historical eruptions at the base of the large older lava dome of Gunung Ranakah. An arcuate group of lava domes extending westward from Gunung Ranakah occurs on the outer flanks of the poorly known Poco Leok caldera on western Flores Island. Pocok Mandosawa lava dome, at 2350 m the highest point on the island of Flores, lies west of Anak Ranakah.

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