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Flores, Wolowaru Village

Flores, Wolowaru Village



What sets Wolowaru apart from other spots is its function as a center of organic cashew nut processing. This small scale enterprise, which is supported by an international development project, has become an important additional source of income for many local farmers. 

The cashew nuts which are processed in Wolowaru originate from Ilepadung in the Flores Timur district. Guests are welcome to visit the cashew-processing facilities and follow the complex process – from splitting the nut, peeling and cleaning the skin, sorting, roasting, and – last but not least – tasting. If you acquire a taste for the precious nuts, you may drop by at the Warung Jawa Timur, a food stall where you can buy a range of organic cashew products that also make good souvenirs for your friends back home. Please give advanced notice to Bapak Cahyo Lukito on + 62 8121701008 , for a guided tour through this interesting local source of income.

You may combine your visit to Wolowaru with an excursion to other villages. Nggela, which is famed for its traditional houses and fine ikat weaving, is a good option. The woven cloth from Nggela is well-known for its distinct motifs, colors, and high quality. Therefore, the Nggela ikat is sought-after by local and international collectors. If you are looking for a unique Florinese souvenir, Nggela offers you a wide range of beautiful woven products.


There are no tourist facilities in Wolowaru. The closest town where you find a good choice of accommodation as well as some small shops is Moni, just about 13 km from Wolowaru.

How to get  there

Wolowaru is situated at the Transflores ‘highway’ between Ende and Maumere. From Maumere to Wolowaru it takes about 83 km, from Ende about 65 km. Wolowaru is easily reachable by daily public transportation from Maumere, Moni or Ende.

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