Want to Travel to Gili Trawangan? Here’s the Complete Guide For You!

Gili Trawangan – Lombok is currently a popular holiday destination in the country. The beauty is very spectacular and the many tourist areas as the reason why Lombok is the main choice for vacation. Gili Trawangan as a favorite destination for tourists. Quite reasonable, this tourist site has amazing scenery as a result of which it will undoubtedly impress the tourists.

Gili Trawangan is a small island that is part of the Gili Islands. In addition to Trawangan, there are 2 other islands in this archipelago, namely Gili Meno & Gili Air. Compared to using 2 other islands, Trawangan is the largest island and has the most complete tourist facilities. Therefore, Trawangan is often the primary destination for foreign tourists and backpackers.

About Trawangan

As one of the islands in the Gili Islands, Trawangan offers a graceful view of the beach. Here, you can find a vast and hygienic stretch of white beach sand. The tourists also often spend when using enjoying the afternoon view on the beach.

The natural beauty in Trawangan is well maintained. Moreover, the air quality here is much better when compared to using in the grand city. When exploring Trawangan, you will not find transportation in the form of motor vehicles that cause pollution. Instead, there is still transportation in the form of bicycles or cidomo which is the traditional sense of gili Trawangan transportation.

In the evening, the atmosphere in Gili Trawangan will feel very lively. Not far from the beach, you can find a collection of nightlife venues in many forms. You can determine shopping to the night market, enjoy live music entertainment in cafes, party at bars, and outdoor cinema.

How to Get to Trawangan

Having a reputation as the fault of one popular tourist destination in Lombok, you are able to easily reach Gili Trawangan. Transportation access to Lombok can be done using a plane that landed at Lombok International Airport and a ferry with the Padangbai – Lembar Port route.

Arriving in Lombok, you can use 3 choices of West Nusa Tenggara crossing services to Gili Trawangan, namely:

Ferries in Bangsal

If you have limited funds for a vacation to Gili Trawangan, you can determine the boat crossing at Bangsal Port. Here, there are crossing boats that routinely depart not only to Trawangan, but also to Gili Meno and Gili Air.

The cost of boarding a boat in Bangsal Port is very cheap. For one trip from Bangsal Port to Trawangan, you only need to pay a ticket for Rp15,000. The duration of the trip based on the Ward to Trawangan is not too outdated, approximately 30 min.

Charter ship on Senggigi Beach

Transportation to Trawangan can also be obtained when you are on Senggigi Beach. Here, the transportation vehicles are charter ships. This transportation option is perfect for those of you who vacation to Lombok and your entourage.

Fast boats on Nara

Finally, you can take advantage of transportation facilities to Trawangan which departs from Nara Bay. From the port here, the fast boat trip to Trawangan only needs to be approximately 10-15 mins. It’s just that the price of fast boat tickets here is much more expensive when compared to using a ferry at Bangsal Port.

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