Grobogan Tourist Attractions, Most Hits and Instagramable

Grobogan is one of the cities in Medium Java. The city is famous for its several interesting spots, such as Bledug Kuwu and Barah Abadi Mrapen. But as it turns out, there are still many Grobogan tours places that you can visit to unwind from work. Don’t forget, these places also have interesting photo spots, which are ready to be used as photo objects.

So you are not curious, some of these tourist attractions must be tourist destinations at the same time. Instagramable and attractive are the initial criteria for tourist attractions to visit. Not only Grobogan, you can also stop by the Tourist Attractions in Pati. The following are some of the destinations of Grobogan tours that are currently hits and Instagenic.

Grobogan Tourist Attractions, Most Hits and Instagramable

1. Banjarejo

Do you have an interest in taking a vacation and enjoying education? Banjarejo is a must-visit place. Because it is not just a difference in its beautiful natural meaning, there are many cultures preserved in it. If you are lucky, you can see various animal fossils that are estimated to be millions of years old. Also, there is a sleeping Ganesha Park that can be used as a photo spot.

2. Kalibiru Grobogan

Different from other times, Kalibiru Grobogan has a natural blue color in the water flow. Its exotic color will make you willing to get wet in a long time. While enjoying the water, it is advisable to remain cautious. Because the water depth is uneven, there are parts that have a depth of up to three meters.

3. Kedung Kempul

And this is the most interesting place to go in Grobogan. Kedung Kempul is a waterfall with a fast flow. The tone of the water spill, will refresh the body and restore strength after the tiredness of the trip. But don’t forget to bring your flagship camera when you stop by here, because the beautiful scenery will be a pity if you just miss it. Like the Tourist Area in Bintan which also has beautiful photo spots.

4. Cindelaras

Vacationing while enjoying nature is an activity that is difficult to let go of. You can get both directly, while on vacation in the cindelaras nature tour. The facilities are quite diverse, namely camping grounds, foodcourts to treetops that can be played with family. When tired, enjoy the view from the “Bale” at the height already prepared by the developer.

5. White Canyon Tugulation

If in West Java there is Green Canyon, then in Grobogan there is White Canyon. This cliff formed the implications of mining activities that occurred a few years ago. But therefore, a beautiful and different natural panorama appears. To search for it, you can find it easily inside the Grobogan tourist map or make use of gps.

6. Widuri Waterfall

It feels like if you are on vacation to Grobogan, it is not complete if you only visit one waterfall. Because the waterfalls in Grobogan are very numerous. Interestingly, the entire waterfall in Grobogan will not be found easily. Most tourist attractions in Grobogan, which are waterfalls, require a long journey first. Afterwards, beautiful scenery will be discovered.

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7. Bukit Pandang Jati Pohon

Adapted to the name, here you can enjoy the view from a height. A place that seems right to be used as a place and also enjoy the aesthetics and release fatigue. Not only that, capturing events with friends or relatives who are invited to vacation together can also be an option. But always be reminded, so as not to litter, so that the hill remains sustainable. Well, this time the article will discuss about grobogan tourism, don’t forget to visit the place that has been described above and thank you.

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