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Harau Valley

Harau ValleyHarau Valley is located close to the city Payahkumbuh , and the valley is flanked by two steep rocky hill with a height of approximately 150 meters. The shape of the valley Harau hilly topography and undulating, very pleasant while Harau Valley Area because they have clean air and visitors can see the beauty of nature.

Around the Valley Harau are steep granite cliffs and a height of about 80-300 meters . Some of the natural beauty that you can take while in Harau Valley among others ravine / gap nature, waterfalls, cliffs and several caves , where there is also a nature reserve and wildlife sanctuary there are several protected animals such as the Long-tailed monkey , gibbon , Sumatran tiger , bear , Tapir , Hedgehogs , Birds Argus , and others .

At tourist sites Harau Valley is divided into two locations: Sarasah Bunta contained 5 waterfalls along with storage ponds and waterfalls other tourist sites are located Roots swinging pool for those who want to swim with friends , and also a location for a camping spot. There are several reasons that make it unique and different with that of other valley echo valley that is contained if we yell it will produce a perfect echo . At the Echo valley there is one place that is used as a reference if anyone would want to shout in order to produce a perfect echo.

Waterfall Harau Valley

After shouting it will be followed by a perfect echo 7 times. The legend says that the place that can produce perfectly echoes only one in the world that is Echo Valley , and the Valley also has a natural beauty Harau cetar formations that serve as a new route in the race bike Day Festival. Valley Harau you can enter in any of the list of attractions in your vacation agenda.

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