Here are the Free Tourist Attractions in Bogor that You Can Visit

The city of Bogor, which is not too far away and can be reache in a very short time from Jakarta, is often a destination for residents of the capital on weekends. Cool, comfortable atmosphere and cool air and clean from pollution, are the reasons jakartans want to visit Bogor. And there are also free attractions in Bogor that you visit.

Well, for those of you who want to go to Bogor but only have minimal money, here are free attractions in bogor  that you can visit to be able to save money. Let’s see here’s the review.

Here are the Free Tourist Attractions in Bogor that You Can Visit

1. Pedestrian Tugu Kujang

Pedestrian or Sidewalk along the One-Way Platform (SSA) that circles the Palace and Bogor Botanical Garden is one of the free and instagrammable tourist spots in Bogor. The sidewalks are currently renovate and have a variety of tourist spots as well as retreat spots. Near Tugu Kujang, for example, every Saturday and Sunday, community unions are often held, such as photography, skateboarding, and dancing communities. We could while sitting around in the Gazebo taking pictures and watching them rehearse.

Along the front of the Bogor City Hall, you can see the deer inside the Bogor Palace. You are allowe to feed the deer. Not infrequently around it there are carrot sellers that you can buy.

2. Sempur Park

Not far from the Bogor Palace and Botanical Garden, precisely on Jalan Sempur, Bogor, there is one of Bogor’s folk sports facilities, namely Sempur. Not only as a sports venue, the park or commonly calle Sempur Field can also be use as a free tourist area as well as a photo spot. Sempur is now attracting attention with its various means of play, especially for “Kids today”.

Since 2010 several activities of residents have been accommodate there. Not only sports activities, but also creative communities in Bogor. If you come to Bogor using the commuter line

, just take one angkot, which is 03 Sempur destinations. Get off on the side of the palace after the Bogor Botanical Garden bridge when you see a large rock climbing field on its side. Or if you want to also while looking at the Bogor Palace, you can also while walking from the start of the station by walking along the sidewalk along the Palace while seeing and feeding the deer.

On the east side of the Sempur area there is a thematic park, namely the Self-Actualization Park. The park, which was built by the Bogor City Government since 2016, is intende for art communities to display their abilities. One of the routine events of the Self-Actualization Park, which is crowde with young people, is during the Cinema Park. Every one month, in this park regularly screens films made by the Bogor film communities, as well as other cities in Indonesia.

3. Kaulinan Park

Not far from Sempur Park right on the side of the Ciliwung River there is one park that can be use as another free tourist spot, namely Kaulinan Park. Besides this park, there is also a skateboarding arena that is often filled by the skateboarding community. You can recreation while watching them perform.

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Kaulinan Park is a park conceptualize for children’s play. Here there are many children’s game facilities such as slides, swings, barah train tracks, and other interesting means. Although it is enlivene by children’s play facilities, but make no mistake, here you who are not children are still suitable to hang out here.

In this park you can relax while listening to the melodious tone of the Ciliwung River flow because Kaulinan Park is exactly in the river. That’s the presentation that discusses free tourist attractions in Bogor that you can visit, hopefully the explanation above can help you.

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