Interesting Goa Gajah Tourist Attraction

Goa Gajah tourist attraction, is actually a historical relic, as the name is in the form of a cave in a temple area, so it is known as Goa Gajah Temple. It is located in Bedulu village, Blahbatuh District, Gianyar Regency. The location is adjacent to Ubud tourism so it is better known as the Ubud Elephant Cave attraction.

The journey from Ngurah Rai airport takes about 90 minutes drive. Goa Gajah tourist attraction was propose as a world cultural heritage, but is still waiting for a decision from the world body UNESCO. Vacation to the island of the Gods bali, want to find historical relics of ancient Balinese heritage of the past, then this place will be an ideal tour destination.

Interesting Goa Gajah Tourist Attraction

This Goa Gajah tourist attraction complex also has a temple building that is estimate to be built in the XI century AD during the reign of the Warmadewa royal dynasty, the temple is use as a holy place for Buddhists and Hindus, this ancient Balinese cultural relic signifies cave and this temple comes from the relics of the ancient Balinese kingdom.

From the building of the place of worship of different religions, indicating that there has been acculturation of Buddhist and Hindu culture. This relic of the past history is well preserve, especially with the existence of this ancient temple in Bali, indicating that this tourist destination is also sanctified and sacre by Hindus.

The nuances presented are not like the name of Goa Gajah, there are no characteristics of presence, appearance and ornaments that indicate the existence of elephants. Different if you are at Goa Lawah Temple in Klungkung the name characterizes the place inhabite by thousands of bats. The name Goa Gajah in Gianyar has its own meaning.

Location of Elephant Cave tourist attractions

It is located very strategically on the main highway of Bedulu. So you can take the time to visit here. Without taking a lot of time, before going to the main tourist destination of Kintamani. You are accustome to visiting and enjoying the natural recreation of the beach. Then the choice of visiting Goa Gajah Ubud is a tourist destination. And tour destination in addition to the interesting beaches on the island of The Gods bali.

Arriving at the parking lot after purchasing the entrance ticket. You go down several tens of stairs to arrive at the location. From the steps you can already see the natural beauty of the surroundings. Surrounded by trees. There is a large tree on the river bank that is said to be hundreds of years old.

The location of This Ubud Elephant Cave on the river bank near the ravine. And below it there is a confluence of two tributaries with various lush trees making it feel cool. As one of the tourist attractions in Gianyar Bali that presents natural beauty and is a cultural heritage. Then Goa Gajah in Ubud is worth visiting, when organizing a tour in Bali. Especially the strategic place on the tour path towards Tirta Empul, Gunung Kawi and Kintamani.

Want to visit Goa Gajah, in addition to the tour package, various rental cars we provide. Starting with regular cars such as Toyota Avanza, APV or Xenia, to luxury limousine-class vehicles. Entrance ticket price (htm) to Goa Gajah: Rp 30,000 / indonesian and Rp 50,000 / foreigner. Don’t forget to visit Goa Gajah if you go to Bali, Yes! Happy holidays.

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