Let’s Visit to Interesting Attractions Of The Valley of Tumpang

Interesting Tourism Valley Tumpang – An interesting tourist destination wrapped with a natural feel. In the wake while maintaining the natural scenery that is so cool, natural, beautiful, decorated with beautiful cliffs and a flow of cool water sources.

With temple buildings, Javanese statues, gazebos, fish ponds and other facilities. Enjoy the work of God’s creation and seem to invite you to feel directly the beauty and harmony of Javanese culture. Tumpang Valley is a relatively new destination in Malang, East Java.

This place has the concept of a past kingdom, complete with replica statues and temples. Tumpang Valley is located on Jalan Slamet Gg Gumuk Agung Slamet, Tumpang District, Malang, East Java. Tumpang Valley is a tourist spot with a royal feel and Javanese culture surrounded by a natural atmosphere.

Ride Valley Tourism

Tumpang Valley invites visitors to enjoy the atmosphere of the ancient Javanese kingdom. Tumpang Valley takes the atmosphere of majapahit and Singosari kingdoms. These two kingdoms were chosen because the kingdoms were able to rule abroad.” And that’s a shame for all of us. Our ancestors were very successful.

We appreciate by remembering the glory of Majapahit and Singosari. Second for schoolchildren’s learning. there are statues that I myself also do not memorize. that’s why the Ministry of Tourism named this as an educational tour.

Tumpang Valley is one of the alternative tourist attractions in Malang. Malang Tumpang Valley is known for its natural beauty and amazing things that can be felt. This Malang Ride Tour is the main choice to spend vacation time with family.

Important Information About Malang’s Tumpang Valley

·         Ride Valley Pool

Tumpang Valley has four swimming pools, namely Maheswara, Aurelia, Aryadita, and The Hidden Paradise Pools which are source from mountain springs that have beautiful scenery. Aurelia Pool is a swimming pool that is designe like a temple in the middle of the pool.

Into this swimming pool is 80 cm, so it is suitable for children. Aurelia Pool is equippe with Cafe Aurelia which provides a variety of menus. Other facilities include rented meeting rooms, flying foxes, boat rides, and campsites.

·         Route to The Valley of Tumpang

For Sedulur who is going to visit the Tumpang Valley for the first time, don’t worry about the wrong way and will not arrive, because the route to The Valley of Tumpang is very easy. from downtown Malang, Sedulur just left for the direction of Tumpang Subdistrict through sawojajar area road.

Upon arrival, Sedulur immediately continued the journey to Cemoro Kandang, until arriving at the Pakis-Tumpang border monument. Sedulur will find the ojek base and turn left. Then Sedulur stayed to continue to follow the path and will meet the fork. Take the right at the fork, not far away, Sedulur will arrive at the Tumpang Valley.

Want to Visit Which Tour Today?

Well, the explanation above may have been clearly seen about the tour of the valley that was affecte by the statue and all its historical history. in this one tour you will learn a lot about statues and culture and traditions in the valley of tumpang itself. therefore, let’s hurry to visit this one tour!!

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