Beach Tourism in Jepara that is Good and Must-Visit

The location of Jepara Regency, which is directly adjacent to the sea, makes Jepara a paradise for beach tourism. A large selection of enchanting and beautiful beaches, which are worth visiting. However, because of the many choices of beach tours, sometimes it makes us upset to have to choose which one to visit first. Well, on this occasion we will give you a presentation related to Jepara beach tourism that must be visited.

Plus the availability of our time, which is not much, further raises us. So that the problem is upset and very confused about choosing which beach to go to. The following is a list of the best and most beautiful Jepara beach tourism in Central Java, which we have summarized:

Beach Tourism In Jepara that is Good and Must-Visit

1. Karimunjawa

The basic aesthetics of Karimunjawa water, Jepara has indeed gone global. Every day there are always visitors who visit so that they can enjoy the clear and beautiful water base that fascinates every pair of eyes.

On karimunjawa’s return there are also many home stays so it is very suitable for visitors who want to stay together for a long time while enjoying the calm state of the island. The residents are also friendly and very happy with the arrival of tourists.

2. Bandengan Beach

Bandengan Beach or also commonly known as Tirto Samudro Beach presents a beautiful coastline and clear water. On this beach, visitors will be spoiled with the whiteness of the fine beach sand to feel at home for a long time.

The aesthetics of Bandengan Beach has indeed been famous for a long time. Many tourists from sharing places flocked to this tour. The location of Bandengan Beach is also quite easy to find, the location is in Bandengan Village, Jepara District, Jepara Regency, Central Java. In order to enjoy the beauty of this beach, visitors only need to be charged an entrance ticket of Rp. 10,000 and Rp. 2,000 for parking.

3. Kartini Beach

Kartini Beach has long been a magnet for tourists outside Jepara. This beach is a pride for the residents of Jepara and is always crowded with visitors. On this beach, the ender will find a large turtle in which a large aquarium seems to make the ender in the ocean.

Not only that, in this two-story building there are also educational facilities and three-dimensional teathers. To be able to enjoy the benefits, visitors only need to be charged Rp. 20,000 for adults and Rp. 15,000 for children.

4. Empu Rancak Beach

At Empu Rancak Beach, tourists can try unique and instragramable photo spots, namely taking pictures between the words ‘Empu Rancak Beach’ that have been provided by the manager. This beach also offers beautiful scenery and is second to none. Empu Rancak Beach is located in Karang Gondang Village, Mlonggo district, Jepara, Central Java.

5. Pecatu Beach

On this beach, tourists will be able to enjoy the beach with beautiful and charming black sand. From this island, tourists can also look at the island of Mandalika, which lately is being talked about a lot.

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Because it is still in the same area as the Manik Cave tourist attraction, visitors can also take pictures among the lighthouses and also take pictures with the background of the Guamanik writing biground which is currently hits in Jepara. The location of Pecatu Beach is in Banyumanis Village, Donorojo District, Jepara, Central Java. Well, that’s the jepara beach tour that you must visit take your time to visit the beaches in Jepara that have been recommended so much and thank you.

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