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West Kalimantan, Karimata Nature Reserve

Karimata Nature Reserve

(Surat Keputusan) Menhut No. 381/Kpts-II/1985, 27 Desember 1985. Luas areal 77.000 hektar.
KEP SEA nature reserve. KARIMATA
Karimata Islands cluster designated as Marine Nature Reserve with an area of 77,000
Ha by decree. Menhut No. 381/Kpts-II/1985. And reaffirmed by
SK. Menhut No. 259/Kpts-II/2000 dated August 23, 2000 as Marine Nature Reserve
Karimata Islands with an area 210,000 ha.
Karimata Islands lies -ª 100 km west of the City Ketapang. In
administration in Maya Island subdistrict, district
Karimata Islands are geographically located at 1 -ª 25 ‘- 1 -ª 50’ S and 108 -ª 40 ‘–
109 -ª 10 ‘E.
Karimata Islands consists of two large islands and the island of Pulau Karimata
Cigar and a few other islands.
The topography of lowland areas to upland (0 to 1030
m asl). Separate location from the island of Borneo, is expected many types of
classified as endemic fauna, including the newly recorded as Dugong
(-Dugong dugong), Tuntong (Batagur baska) and Ivory Tortoise (Orlitia
– Pontianak – Ketapang ………. Ship Express ………….. 5 to 6 hours
Aircraft ………….. 2 hours
– Ketapang – Regions ………. Kelotok ……………………… 6 hours
Balai KSDA West Kalimantan
Jln Ahmad Yano No. 121 Pontianak
Ph. 0561-735635, 760949
Fax 0561-747004

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