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Klayar Beach, Belle Pacitan, East Java

KlayarBeachKlayar beach or Klayaran certainly still foreign in your ear. This is because the beach is not maintained into tourist attractions. Local authorities still allow natural beach, although this saves a lot of tourism potential and can be managed properly. As well as Sawarna beach in Banten, beach Klayar famous through cyberspace or the Internet and mouth mouth.

Klayar beach located in Pacitan, an East Java on the south side and adjacent to Winton in Central Java. Precisely located in the village of Kalak, sub Doonorojo, Pacitan. The distance is about 40 km to the west of the city Pacitan. The beach is still in line with Teleng Ria Beach that has been managed as a tourist .

As part of the south coast , beach Klayar save a lot of unique beauty and save the mystery. That there is such beauty of white sand, coral -like giant Sphinx in Egypt, Flute Sea, natural Fountains, waterfalls, and beautiful coral reefs. And it turns out, more foreign tourists who knows Coast Klayar than domestic tourists. It’s given the lack of mediated news offline. Foreign tourists and it is certainly him from the internet . Although it has a long coastline that did not, Coastal Klayar so fascinating. Pantinya line roughly like Ancol beach in Jakarta.

Access to the beach Klayar
As the beach is not crowded much less formally managed, access to the beach is arguably the mysterious like looking for treasure. From Yogyakarta, can be taken during the 3 -hour drive through the pass. And of Pacitan town can be reached by motorbike during a 3 hour drive. Klayar beach is a small bay either side bounded by cliffs, much like Karma Kandara Beach.

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