Komodo Islands Indonesia the Preserve Habitat for the Should be Extinct Dragon

Indonesia is a piece of paradise on earth and famous for its beautiful places. Of all the places, Komodo Islands Indonesia is among the top destinations in the world. Because these islands are the only habitat for the komodo dragon, the only ancient dragon in the world from the dinosaur era.

Despite its fame, many are still confused about where are the Komodo Islands located. Because the Komodo National Park surpasses the fame of the East Nusa Tenggara Province, where it is located. Geographically, the islands lie between Sumbawa and Flores. 

The Attraction of the Dragons Island

To get to the Komodo Islands Indonesia, you need to land in Labuan Bajo in Flores Island. You can also opt for a ferry from Bali to reach Labuan Bajo. Then, why should you take your time and spare your money in visiting the islands? Here are the attractions that the national park has in its pocket for you:

1. The Komodo Dragon

You wouldn’t get to see the dragon at any other place. Because these three islands are the only habitat for the dragon. There was an attempt to bring the komodo to another place, but the dragon couldn’t survive.

Komodo is the gigantic lizard reptile that survives from extinction. It can weigh up to 70 kg with 3 meters in length. As a carnivore, its natural instinct is to be a predator, thus it can run up to 20 km per hour with clear vision up to 300 meters ahead. Therefore, you have to be careful not to provoke the animal.

2. Island Tour

You wouldn’t regret having a Komodo Island tour both on land and on the water. Because both offer beautiful views that are hard to compete with any other places. On the islands, you can hike and trek the hilly islands like in Padar Island. 

Further, if you don’t wish to get tired, you can also opt for a boat tour. The tour will take you to see the islands from a boat. This way you will get a chance to witness the beautiful scenery of the Komodo National Park in a short while.

3. Beautiful Beaches and Marine Life

As islands, it wouldn’t be complete without mentioning its vast choice of beaches and the marine life scenery. Because the islands are graced with beautiful beaches and breathtaking underwater views. The body of the water in the area is listed in the 100 world-class dive sites.

Amongst the beaches in the area, Pink Beach Komodo Islands is one of the main attractions. Because the unique color of the beach that came from the dead coral made the beach pink instead of brownish or white like the other. Thus, the combination of the pink beach and the blue water is magnificent. 

How Much You Need to Get There

For the entrance fee to the national park, you need to pay 150 thousand rupiahs on Monday to Saturday. Meanwhile, for Sundays and holidays, the entrance fee would be 255 thousand rupiahs. 

The amount is only for the entrance fee. Thus, you still have to spare your budget for transportation, accommodation, and meals. Further, if you book a boat tour, you also have to pay for more. 

Komodo Islands Indonesia is another gateway that you can visit for the holiday. This place has it all, from the beautiful scenery to the adventure of visiting a dragon!

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