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The port of departure for Tanjung Puting National Park, Kumai is also known for its bird-nest business, which fills the town with screeching warehouses. A handful of guesthouses and warungs line the main street, Jl Idris. Backpackers sometimes meet here to share the price of a klotok. There’s an ATM near the harbour.

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Central Kalimantan Teluk Kumai-Sungai Kumai Nature Reserve

Teluk Kumai-Sungai Kumai Nature Reserve  Latitude : 2 41 27 S Logitude : 111 39 12 EAltitude : 0 to 500 metresArea : 3900 ha Wetlands: 0 haTenure : Under responsibility of Kota Waringin local governmentSite Description The Kumai river is one of the smaller rivers in Kalimantan, carrying a relatively[…]

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Pangkalan Bun

Pangkalan Bun Pangkalan Bun is largely another transit city, with an airport, some hotels and very few ways to spend your time. But if you want something better than backpacker digs before or after visiting Tanjung Puting, you’ll only find it here. Related Posts:Bali to Tanjung PutingRiau, Tanjung Putus[…]

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