Uniqueness of Lake Sentarum National Park

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about national parks is the shady forests and also the trees. Be it on the island of Java, Sumatra Island, Sumba to Kalimantan. Almost every national park spread across Indonesia has a well-maintained forest ecosystem. Therefore, Lake Sentarum National Park as a national park that has its own uniqueness from the various islands.

Lake Sentarum National Park itself has two other national park names, namely Betung Kerihun National Park and Bukit Baka Bukit Raya National Park, both of which are located or intersect with West Kalimantan. Lake Sentarum National Park is also traversed by the Kapuas River, the longest river in Borneo that is a habitat for various rare plants and fauna or on the verge of extinction.

Uniqueness of Lake Sentarum National Park

Flora and Fauna in Lake Sentarum National Park

Lake Sentarum National Park, which is dominated by swamps, has several vegetation model zonings determined by the people more or less. Overall, there are 7 types of forests in this national park, namely Dwarf Swamp forest, Blocked Swamp forest, High Swamp forest, Riparian forest, Peat Swamp forest, Hill Lowland forest and also Kerangas forest. These seven types of forests also affect the flora and fauna in this one tour:

·        Flora

Of the seven types of forests that exist, only Kerangas Forest is not waterlogged and has plants that are not water-based, the rest have similar types of vegetation. Dwarf Swamp Forest is dominated by shrubs that have a height of more than 8 meters. Some of these plants are belatik, pungu to mentangis. Pas Hutan Rawa Ter blocked ranges from 6 to 25 meters with plants such as mentangur, musi to kemelat.

In the third forest, Rawa Tinggi, the ecosystem has begun to open up so that the existing flora is more varied, red rengas, cempedak to belantik. The fourth forest, which is located close to residential areas, makes this location have a higher nisbi flora, ranging from 22 meters, flora that exists in the forest, thin skin to puduk. One of the uniqueness of this one tour is the plants that make this national park ‘Brother’ with the amazon forest, namely the hump tree.

·        Fauna

There are various types of fauna that live and build habitats in this this one tour. Ranging from the endangered to endemic Fauna. Starting from fish, there are two types of fish that can be found in this one tour, 265 fresh fish have been identified, two examples are tapah fish and linut fish. There are also catfish and super red arowana fish, which are types of arowana that are almost extinct.

While endemic animals of the mammal group there are blisters, black-handed ungko to Bornean rhinoceros. Not only are these three animals endemic, they have also entered the category of almost extinct. Of the bird categories, there are 310 types of birds that, again, fall into the category of almost extinct. Eight types of hornbills and red-beaked carau fall into this category.

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Finally, from the reptile category, there are two types of crocodiles, namely estuarine crocodiles and sinyulong crocodiles. There are also snakes and turtles breeding in the national park. This is not surprising considering the swampy forests scattered in this national park.

The opportunity to observe wild fauna and experience new experiences in Lake Sentarum National Park is something you should feel. Thus, some reviews discussing about lake sentarum national park with the above article may be useful.

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