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Lalay Caves Palabuhanratu

Lalay Caves Palabuhanratu



Lalay Cave, West Java – Indonesia

Take the ride of your life along a churning section of one of the West Java’s famous cave. You’ll find the great cave’s in West Java.

At sundown thousands of bats swarm out of the Cave Lalay Caves just east of the main village area. It’s an eerie sight from the edge of the car park to watch what seems an endless stream of small bats swirling out of the dark caves and up into the evening sky. Just before the fish harbor you can find a turning on the left, a road that goes to Cave Lalay about 4 km away from this point. You can see the sign “Small Bat Cave” on the left near the bank. The sign is visible when coming into town.

The natural beauty of West Java’s cave is what brings most people here first. For those whose return and those who live here, it is a treasure that never fades.

Location Cave Lalay close to tourist beaches Palabuhanratu this store unique range. A scientific visit ever undertaken at the site of this cave, exactly 7 November 1937, by a Dutch scientist. While Cave Lalay photo was first published in 1938 in a journal de Tropische Natuur.


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