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East Papua Lani Tribe West Baliem

Papua Lani West Baliem


The Lani tribe lives around Tiom, North of the Baliem Valley in Papua. German missionaries came early and converted them, they are now mostly baptist, so they wear clothes and shouldn’t smoke

Like the Dani, the Lani are expert farmers utilising a highly effective and efficient irrigation system to produce abundant crops of Sweet Potatoes (Ubi), Tobacco, Beans, Taro, Spinach, Sugar Cane and Bananas. Much of the Lani lands lie in a beautiful oasis interspersed with checkerboard patterned sweet potato gardens. The Lani are more stockily built than the medium-bodied Dani and their lands are more densely populated. They tend to congregate in largish villages rather than the small compounds which dominate Dani territory.
The weather in the Valley is predominantly sunny and trekking along the river amidst the terraced farmlands and wondrous forests is a trekker’s paradise. Trails are usually clear and maintained as local people travel them and this makes the trekking pretty comfortable.
Lani men wear thick kotekas, which serve as a case for tobacco and other valuables. The women wear short skirts made of grass, as well as the indispensable bags across their backs. Men sometimes we ear hairnets, which they color in black. The rest of the decoration is done using bird feathers, especially of paradise birds. Lanis inhabit a smaller part of the Baliem valley, because their main territory is in the mountains southeast of Wamena.

Lani, tribe, West, Baliem, PapuaLani, tribe, West, Baliem, Papua
Lani, tribe, West, Baliem, Papua
Lani, tribe, West, Baliem, PapuaLani, tribe, West, Baliem, Papua
Lani, tribe, West, Baliem, PapuaLani, tribe, West, Baliem, Papua

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