Must-Visit Tourist Attractions in Lembeh Island Indonesia

A number of tourist attractions on lembeh island Indonesia (Bitung) below are very interesting to be visited by tourists. Please note, Lembeh Island is an island that is administratively included in the Bitung City area in North Sulawesi.

Administratively, the Lembeh Island area is divided into two sub-districts, namely South Lembeh District, and North Lembeh District. This island is famous as one of the best diving spots in North Sulawesi not only in Bunaken.

However, not only diving spots, it turns out that Lembeh Island Indonesia also has a number of tourist attractions that are also interesting to visit. After that, what are the tourist attractions on Lembeh Island (Bitung) that are interesting to visit? Here is the review.

Must-Visit Tourist Attractions in Lembeh Island Indonesia

1. Trikora Monument

The first interesting tourist attraction on Lembeh Island (Bitung) is the Trikora Monument. This Trikora monument was built as a form to commemorate the heroic moment of trikora (Tri komando penduduk).

The Trikora Monument was built on the initiative of the government in the 80s to commemorate the historical moment of the Struggle of the Indonesian nation in seizing the West Irian region from the hands of the Belkamu Colonizers. For those of you who are looking for cool photo spots around Bitung City, then you must visit the Trikora Monument on Lembeh Island. The reason is, in Tugu Trikora, there are many instagramable and interesting photo spots.

2. Kahona Beach

The next interesting tourist attraction on Lembeh Island (Bitung) is Kahona Beach. The beach, which is located in Pasirpanjang Village, South Lembeh District, has its own uniqueness, which is not owned by other beaches in Indonesia. Generally, the beach is synonymous with fine sand, but at Kahona Beach, the sand is small fragments of rocks. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use footwear when it comes to this beach.

3. Mangrove Ecotourism

Not only The Trikora Monument, and Kahona Beach, there is one more tourist attraction on Lembeh Island that you should not miss, namely Mangrove Ecotourism, which is located in Pintu Kota Village, North Lembeh District. In this Mangrove Ecotourism area, visitors can relax in several gazebos or take pictures with the background of mangrove trees.

Not only that, going deeper, visitors can see the sea flanked by 2 hills. Not only that, this Mangrove Ecotourism is also one of the good places to capture memories. In fact, it is said that there have been several couples who use this place as a location for prewedding photos.

4. Lembeh Strait

Lembeh Strait is one of the best places to see diverse marine habitats in North Sulawesi not only in Bunaken. Starting from the unique marine habitat, to the rare marine habitat in the Lembeh Strait. In addition, the waters of the Lembeh Strait also have a multifunctional role such as as a port, transportation routes, industrial busyness, tourism, to as a basis for marine security, and so on.

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5. Statue of the Lord Jesus Bless

The most interesting tourist attractions on Lembeh Island (Bitung) are the Statue of the Lord Jesus Bless. You can visit the 35-meter-high jesus statue in Dorbolaang Village, South Lembeh District. Not only can you enjoy the splendor of the statue of Jesus, from this place, visitors can also see the blue view of the vast ocean. Meanwhile, on the left and right sides lies a shady coconut forest.

Those are some reviews that discuss about the island of Lembeh Indonesia if you want to visit this island, make sure your health can explore this beach.

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