The Latest and Hottest Manokwari Tours to Visit

Manokwari is the capital of West Papua Province and also a city with a history of the spread of Christianity in the archipelago. This place is located in the north of Papua Island, the charm of natural tourism is extraordinary so that it can captivate the hearts of tourists who visit there.

Visiting Manokwari is certainly not happy if it is only one day, because of the many tourist destinations that exist. Before you start your trip, it’s a good idea to find information first about existing travel recommendations so that the trip becomes more optimal.

The Latest and Hottest Manokwari Tours to Visit

Of course, you are interested in vacationing to the East Island of Indonesia. Here’s a list of recommended popular tourist attractions in Manokwari that should not be missed. Each destination has its own uniqueness that must be explored. Here is the review!.

1. Mount Arfak

You can try a natural adventure in West Papua, try climbing to Mount Arfak. The mountain, which is the highest peak in Manokwari, has an altitude of up to 2,900 meters above sea level. The height of this mountain peak can provide an additional sensation of fitness, clean air and shady green trees.

The hiking trail has also been provided with a hiking trail for beginners. If tourists want to enjoy a natural vacation here, it is necessary to prepare extra supplies on the way. Equipment that needs to be carried such as thick clothing, food and medicine logistics and also equipment if you want to camp.

Why is it necessary to prepare thick clothing because the temperature on this mountain can be up to 5 degrees Celsius. The natural aesthetics of the mountain will relieve the fatigue that exists during the trip. From the top of Mount Arfak visitors can see the hills, sea and clouds.

2. Lake Anggi

Lake Anggi is a lake located in the area of Mount Arfak. These twin lakes are located between one and the other not far apart from each other. To be able to get to the location of the road that must be taken is quite heavy. But the tiredness of the trip will pay off after playing the cool water there.

The lake, which is locate at the foot of the mountain, is surrounde by shady and green trees that commemorate the exotic impression. The water from Lake Anggi is adequately calm and also clear. The water temperature is very cold so it is not recommende for tourists to play in the water until they soak there.

3. Bakaro Beach

This beach is quite famous among local and foreign tourists. The combination of white sand beaches combines with the rock and aesthetics of the sea water is second to none. On this beach, the main attraction lies in the view of the beach, many people deliberately come to capture the aesthetics of the beach.

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This tropical beach is very appropriate to visit in the afternoon before sunset. The uniqueness of the tradition on this island is in the ritual of summoning advertisements performed by the local people. Usually the people perform the ritual of summoning fish by using a whistle made of shells while feeding in the form of an anthill.

Bakaro Beach is surrounde by rocks that are very likely for visitors to be able to take place to the moderate part when the nautical water recedes, so that the end can watch directly the clear bottom of the beach where the fish gather. This beautiful beach is not too wide, the length of the white sand is only 200 meters. That is, some reviews that discuss About Manokwari if you want to travel papua, don’t forget to review this article until it’s finishe.

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