The uniqueness of Maratua Island in East Kalimantan

Maratua Island is a marine tourist destination with stunning natural charm in East Kalimantan. Tourists call this island a fragment of heaven given by God the Creator to Borneo. Because Maratua presents a tourist destination and a stretch of white sand and charm under the sea which is very amazing.

Maratua Island is right between the islands of Kalimantan and Sulawesi. The island is shaped like the letter U, which offers exoticism and exquisite beauty. It has almost the same characteristics as Derawan Island, however, it still has its own uniqueness that is interesting for you to explore.

The uniqueness of Maratua Island in East Kalimantan

This beautiful island is not an empty island without inhabitants, this island has a population of approximately 3,000 people. It is divided into four villages, which are occupied by the indigenous people, namely the Bajo Tribe. The daily livelihood of the people of Maratua Island is as fishermen, it is common for people around the coast to work as fishermen.

Maratua’s tour is for divers who admire the other world under the sea like a fragment of paradise falling from the sky. This island presents a stretch of blue sea side by side with its soft white sand.

Plus its underwater beauty is very extraordinary and it’s a pity to miss it when you come to East Kalimantan. Even dusk in Maratua will be beautiful. The silent situation and the crashing waves that begin to sweep away as the tide rises offer a different sensation.

Attractions of Maratua Island

The main attraction of this Maratua island tourist destination is its vast blue ocean. There you can swim, dive and see a variety of fish such as lionfish to white rays, or just sunbathe on the beach while enjoying the tone of the sea waves.

You can see turtles that often appear when the middle water surface is shallow. Whatever is happening in Maratua is very unique. Why is it said to be unique? Because there is a convenient resort there, there is an original settlement of the Bajo Tribe, and it has many tourist assets.

Not only the beach, on this island there are also caves and lakes. And the most unique is the name of the concrete Jellyfish Lake This island is surrounded by small islands such as Ant Island, Sadau Island, Andongabu Island, Sangalan Island, Nusa Kokok Island, Bakungan Island, Bulingisan Island, Nunukan Island, and Pabahanan Island. You can use it as a reference for other visiting areas when you come to Maratua Island.

Location of Maratua Island

Maratua Island is located in the Maratua District, Berau Regency, East Kalimantan. This island is the outermost island of Indonesia which directly borders Malaysia and the Philippines. This island is right to the south of Tarakan Island and right in the sea area of Sulawesi.

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There are several alternative routes to get to this island. You can go through the nautical route and also the air route. For the sea route, you can start the journey from Tarakan City. After that, visitors can take a plane to Tanjung Redeb Airport which is located in Berau Regency.

Facilities on Maratua Island

The island has an inhabiting population, that is, its locals. Therefore, the island is open for 24 hours to visit. Visitors are not charged an entrance ticket upon entering the island. However, there are still costs that must be prepared to be able to enjoy the beauty of this island such as diving and diving needs. Thus, this article review that talks about the island of Maratua if you want to visit there then prepare all the needs so that your trip is not interrupted.

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