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Maratua is an enormous U-shaped atoll almost completely untouched by tourism. There are two fishing villages at opposite ends with a pleasant surprise in between: a nicely paved path through the jungle some 15km in length. The tidy village of Bohesilian, directly across from Nabucco Island, is the best base, with tightly packed cottages on the edge of the jungle, pleasant sea views, a little market, cheerful residents and several homestays. Senterbung, near the pier, offers a front room with double bed for 200,000Rp, including three meals, but look at a few and decide. Bohebekut, the village at the other end of the trail, is poorer and the beach is dirty.

For backpackers with time on their hands, Maratua is a slice of heaven. Hire a scooter for a day (150,000Rp) and explore to your heart’s content, passing over bridges between islets, heading down long jetties and swimming in the lagoon. Like Kakaban, there is a stingless freshwater jellyfish pond, although it’s difficult to reach. The island’s striking dorsal ridge is also begging for exploration. Add a special someone and a visit here could easily stretch into days…

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