Kepulauan Mentawai: 6 Tempat Wisata Yang Wajib Dikunjungi

If you visit Sumatra, try to stop at the Mentawai Islands. These islands are located across the province of West Sumatra. There are many great tourist attractions that you can visit here.

For example, ranging from beaches, and waterfalls, to lakes that are still natural and amazing. The following are 7 tourist attractions in the Mentawai Islands that you must visit:

1. Mapadegat Beach

Located on Sipora Island, Mentawai, this beach has beautiful white sand and world-class surf waves. In the afternoon, this beach offers a beautiful sunset view. There is also a homestay for a place to stay overnight at an affordable price. The price varies, from IDR 250,000 to millions of rupiah.

2. Kulu Kubuk Waterfall

When visiting the Mentawai Islands, visitors will take the time to come here. This waterfall is located in Madobak Village, Siberut Island. You can see how fast the waterfall discharges with a flow length of up to 70 meters

The waterfall, which has a height of about 30 meters, is still natural, even to get here, you have to take a path full of mud. However, to visit this amazing waterfall, you do not need to pay a penny.

3. Lake Rua Oinan

If you like natural attractions where the air is cool, you can visit this lake. This lake is in the middle of the forest so it is quite hidden. This lake has clear and clean water and is surrounded by large trees and sago palms. Moreover, there are many facilities and the locals also sell a variety of interesting culinary for you to try.

4. Jati Beach

Located in Dusun Jati, Tuapejat Sipora Utara, this beach offers refreshing air. If you relax under a coconut tree, you will feel a cool breeze. The waves are calm, the white sand is beautiful, and the seawater is clear. Because the seawater is still very clear, you can snorkel and see a variety of beautiful coral reefs.

In addition to snorkeling, you can also enjoy the sunset by relaxing on the beach. This beach is only 700 meters from Tuapejat Pier, which you can travel in just 5 minutes by motorbike. In addition, there is no entry fee to visit this beach, including free parking.

5. Pujujurung Waterfall

This is a natural tourist spot in the Mentawai Islands and it is like heaven in the inland Mentawai forest. This waterfall is located in Goiso oinan Village, only 1 km from Tuapejat pier.

To reach this location, you have to take about 30 minutes through extreme hills. After that, your tiredness will be paid off with the beauty and clear water at Pujujurung Waterfall.

6. Tuapejat Harbor

This is the first place you should visit when you are going to explore the Mentawai. This is because this place is the zero-kilometer point of Tuapejat. Although its main function is as a dock, from here you can see a beautiful view of the sea.

The water is very clear so you can easily see the fish. In addition, you can also enjoy the green mangrove forest on the opposite side of the pier. This forest is deliberately cultivated to prevent abrasion around the pier.

Those are 7 great tourist attractions in Mentawai islands, which offer a lot of beauty. If you are a tourist destination that is still beautiful and natural, you will like to vacation here. All of its tourist destinations will impress you and provide an experience you won’t forget forever.