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– Moluccas National Park and Nature Reserves Map

Moluccas National Park and Nature Reserves Map

The Moluccas has one National Park

Seram Manusela National Park


And  10 Nature Reserves

Gunung Sibela Nature Reserve
Pulau Kassa Wildife Reserve
Pulau Pombo Marine Recreation Park
Laut Banda – Gunung Api Banda Marine Park
Pulau Manuk Wildlife Reserve
Yamdena Nature Reserve
Kai Besar Nature Reserve
Pulau Kobroor Wildlife Reserve
Pulau Baun Wildlife Reserve
Kepulauan Aru Tenggara Marine Nature Reserve

North Moluccas

1 National Parks,
3 Nature Reserves,
27 Proposed Nature Reserves

South West Moluccas

0 National Parks,
2 Nature Reserves,
7 Proposed Nature Reserves

South East Moluccas

0 National Parks,
4 Nature Reserves,
8 Proposed Nature Reserves


1 National Parks,
9 Nature Reserves,
42 Proposed Nature Reserves


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