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Moluccas, Ternate, Masjid Agung

Moluccas, Ternate, Masjid Agung

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Ternate Sultan Mosque is a mosque located in the Jalan Sultan Khairun, Village Soa Sio, Northern District of Ternate, Ternate, North Maluku province. The mosque is a proof of the existence of the first Islamic sultanate in eastern archipelago. Sultanate of Ternate, the king began to embrace Islam since the 18th, which is Kolano Marhum that reigned about 1465-1486 AD . Substitute Kolano Marhum is his son, Zainal Abidin (1486-1500), which further strengthen the Islamic Sultanate of Ternate as by changing the title of Sultan Kolano be, establish Islam as the official religion of the kingdom, to impose Islamic law, as well as the royal institution established in accordance with Islamic law involving the clergy .

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