Morotai Island, a New Tourist Destination that was Once a Military Base during WWII

Coming to a place with history always has its charm. Like the Morotai Island, which once became a military strategy base for the Allied Force back in World War II. The island location is close enough to the Philippines and Borneo for them to fight the Japanese.

After the war era, in the water around the island, you can see sunken planes, ships, and any vehicle. Thus, as the years grew, they became the marine ecosystem and turned into the marine life living place. 

Location and Living Cost

Morotai Island is an island in Halmahera and administratively belongs to North Maluku Province. To get to this island, you can choose different routes, such as:

  • Direct flight to Morotai with transit in Samraturalangi Airport in Manado, before it reaches the final destination of Pitu Morotai Airport. 
  • Through a water route through Imam Lastori Port in South Morotai from Ahmad Yani Port in Ternate.

Living costs in Morotai are considerably low, with only around 500 thousand rupiahs for accommodation per night. Thus, this island is a recommended gateway if you wish to save your budget.

Activities to Do

Aside from the historical factor, Morotai is a worthy place to visit. Because there are numerous activities that you can do in this place. Here they are:

1. Enter the Water

Ready to get wet is a must when we talk about visiting an island. Thus, if you have the chance to visit Morotai, it would be a waste not to dive into the water – or at least snorkel a little bit. The coral reef and the marine life that you will witness are too good to waste. Not to mention, in this place you can witness the effect of war through the sunken vehicles.

2. Visit the Historic Sites

As we mentioned above, Morotai once was a base for the Allied Force during WWII. Therefore, you will see the trace around the area. Aside from the sunken vehicles, the people of Morotai also build monuments to reminisce about the moment. There are also museums where the collections come from the locals.

3. Visit the Nearby Islands

Aside from Morotai, there are also small islands around there. These small islands became a tourist attraction worth visiting when in Morotai. One of the most popular places is Dodola Island which appears as two islands when the high tide but becomes one once the water recedes. It has a white and long sandy beach that will come out good as a social media feed.

4. Enjoy the Natural Beauty

Not only in the water, but Mototai is also beautiful on its land. For example, just visit Tanjung Gorango and enjoy the landscape view of the white sandy beach of Morotai combined with the clear blue water. Then, there is also an exotic waterfall called the King’s Waterfall which the locals call Air Terjun Raja, due to its location being in Raja Village.

The Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia dubbed Morotai Island as one of the locations of the new Bali. It is a program to introduce the vastness of Indonesian beauty that does not only stop in Bali.

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