Most Beautiful Countries in the World with All Their Unique Tourist

Most Beautiful Countries in the World – When asked about Indonesia the most beautiful country in the world, do you know the lists? Because there is an interesting coverage that tells, that Indonesia became the only Asian country that managed to enter the top 10 list of the most beautiful countries in the global.

In addition to Indonesia, other countries include in the list of the most beautiful countries in the world are not of origin according to Asia, namely Scotland, Canada, New Zealand, Italy, and South Africa.

If you want to know a number of lists of the most latif countries in the world, in this article CekAja will put some lists, which will be reviewe in full information specific to you. Check it out together, come on!12 Most Beautiful Countries in the World

Most Beautiful Countries in the World with All Their Unique Tourist Destinations

Without the need to linger, below CekAja has summarize the 12 most beautiful countries in the world base on various reliable origins.


The most latif country in the global that occupies the first position, namely Scotland. It is none other than because, the country that entere the European Continent region, has a lot of natural aesthetics & culture, error one for example is the Isle of Skye.

Yes, the Isle of Skye is the most beautiful island in Scotland, whose beauty is very pleasing to the eye.

In addition, the country also has an old city full of history, namely Edinburgh and the largest lake in Scotland calle Loch Ness.

What is interesting base on this country, is the historical existence of the “Vikings”. Which, the original people of Scotland, wore the special war mores of this country. (Also Read: The Safest Country in the World)


In addition to Scotland, Canada is also includ in the list of the most latif countries in the global. The reason is, this country has a lot of natural tourist destinations that are still beautiful and worth visiting.

When the dominant expression falls, all the sites in the country are fille with fallen leaves, which gives a latif and warm view.

While the current issue is cold, most of Canada is fille with heavy snow, which is often use as a medium to play the local community.

As for the error of one location that presents a very latif and certainly Instagramable view, namely Lake Peyto which must be visite.

New Zealand

Not only known to be the most latif country in the global, New Zealand is also often claime to be a place to live for global class directors.

One of the reasons why this country is considere a residence for global-class directors, namely that some of its areas are use as shooting sites for the famous Lord of The Rings films.

Starting base on Pakiri Beach, which is New Zealand’s flagship beach tour, to Rainbow Springs National Park, which is a national park for children who want to interact with animals.


Not only the 3 countries above are include in the list of the most beautiful countries in the world, but Italy is also one of its parts.

Because, the country is known for its Pizza and Spaghetti dishes, has a tower that enters into the seven global wonders, namely the Tower of Pisa with a slope of approximately 30-45 degrees.

Not only that, Italy also has a Colloseum which as a silent witness, because it was use as a battle arena in the era of the Italian empire. Meanwhile, when examin according to the city, Italy has Milan as a fashion center in the global.

South Africa

It doesn’t seem surprising, if South Africa as the error of one of the most latif countries in the world.

The reason is, this country has been known to be the “nirvana” of the world by travelers. That’s because, South Africa has many interesting tourist destinations that are unfortunate if not visite, such as Kruger National Park, Durban Beach, to Robben Island.

For Durban Beach itself, it is suitable for those of you who like surfing sports. However, if you want to visit a quiet place and learn poly lessons, then you can visit Robben Island.


The belove country, namely Indonesia occupies the sixth position to be the most latif country in the global. This seems to have been unquestionable because, because Indonesia stores poly global beauty, ranging from natural tourism to cultural tourism & history.

When talking about cultural tourism, it has been obvious that there are many areas that can be visite, such as Yogyakarta, Bali, Pekalongan, Bandung and so on.

Meanwhile, if you want to enjoy natural tourism using all its beauty. Then you can visit Mount Bromo to enjoy the view of active volcanoes, or Lake Toba to see the vastness of the lake in Indonesia.


Speaking of Britain, it seems like your mind is personally on Big Ben. Who is the biggest British icon in the shape of a clock tower globally.

However, in addition to being popular because of it, England is also known for having a flagship tourist site. Such as Buckingham Palace which is the palace of Queen Elizabeth.

In addition, the country also has Stonehenge which is the site of a group of stone arrangements, arrange in prehistoric times, and as one of the most recent global wonders.


It is not surprising that Iceland is the most beautiful country in the world. Because, this country has a very popular hot spring lake, namely the Blue Lagoon.

Not only that, the country also has Thingvellir National Park. Which allows you to see directly the animals-fauna container there directly.

In addition to these 2 tourist destinations, Iceland also has an ice tourism site locate in the cave. Namely vatnajokull ice cave that you can explore to find out its beauty.

United States

The country, known as uncle Sam’s country, has many popular tourist destinations that are worth visiting. Therefore, it is not surprising that the United States is the fault of one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Because, in this country you can visit Grand Canyon National Park. Which is the most Instagramable national park in the United States.

Then, in this country you can also visit the Statue of Liberty in New York. And Manhattan which became the center of fashion in the United States.


The country locate in the United Kingdom, has poly interesting tourist attractions. Ranging from mountains, beaches, national parks, to historic castles.

One example of tourist attractions that you must visit in Wales, namely Snowdonia National Park. Which, this national park is the park with the highest peak in Wales.

In addition. You can also visit the old castle in Cardiff which is a silent witness to the time of the British empire. Or to the city of Conwy to see some of the old buildings that are still preserve today.


In 11th place is Slovenia. This country on the Continent of Europe, its location is locate between Austria and Italy.

Slovenia can be include in the list of the most latif countries in the global. Because it has poly natural destinations that are diagi, for example Lake Bled using green water.

Beyond that, there are many other destinations worth visiting, such as beautiful forests, locate in some areas of Slovenia.


The last country, which is include in the list of the most beautiful countries in the world, namely Mexico. How not, because the country has 67 national parks, and 5,000 miles of coastline & Latif scenery.

If you are on vacation in this country, then you must visit a number of deserts. Volcanoes, beaches and waterfalls using a stunning aesthetic.

One of the tourist attractions that you can visit, namely the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve. This is a place to protect millions of butterflies every fall trend.

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