Most Hits Tourist Attractions in Situbondo, Must Visit During the Holidays!

Most Hits Tourist Attractions in Situbondo – Situbondo is an error of one regency in East Java Province which is very rich in tourist attractions. The regency that borders using Banyuwangi shows the main tourist attraction in the form of beach attractions and cultural sites.

Holistically, Situbondo has an area of approximately 1,670 square km. In the area earlier, there were about 665 thousand people who were dominated by javanese. Because it is exclusively bordered by the sea, Situbondo is very rich in beach attractions. Although not yet managed aporisma, beach attractions in Situbondo are actually no less exotic according to beach attractions in Bali and Jogja you know!

Most Hits Tourist Attractions in Situbondo Must Visit During the Holidays!

Because nir has the status of a Tourist City, Situbondo tends to be too rarely visite by tourists outside the area. Although this seems like a shortcoming, but for tourists, it is actually a happy fact. With the number of visitors that are not too crowde. Situbondo is very suitable to be use as a tourist destination during holiday trends. List of Tourist Attractions in Situbondo That You Must Visit Here are some interesting attractions in Situbondo to visit when free and use a partner. Family by indonesiatravelmagazine, or relatives:

Baluran National Park Baluran National Park

The first tourist attraction in Situbondo is Baluran National Park. Baluran National Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions located in Situbondo Regency. Sangking the popularity of this tourist attraction. Many people reveal that the roads to Situbondo still cannot be considere “authentic” if they have not stoppe by this national park.

Just like national parks in other areas, Baluran National Park also has an interesting tourist spot to visit. From mountain-shape attractions, savanna-shape attractions, to using beach-shape attractions, everything has been available in this national park.

In addition, you can also see a variety of wildlife that live in this national park. Such as: wild buffalo, deer, peacocks, and bulls. Oh him, although this tourist attraction has the status of a national park that is generally controlle by the area dominate by forests. But the tourist facilities in this national park have been relatively complete you know!

From the mosque, parking lot, to using the dining site, everything is available in this park. If you are intereste in visiting this tourist attraction, the location of this tourist attraction is in Kec. Banyuputih, which is at the eastern end of Situbondo Regency.

Access to this park is very easy. If you depart according to the center of Situbondo Regency, you can travel to kec. Banyuputih via the Situbondo – Banyuwangi cross road. At km 35, you will be greete with the entrance gate of Baluran National Park. On a normal day, Baluran National Park attractions can be visite every day for 24 hours non-stop.

Situbondo White Sand Beach

Situbondo White Sand Beach

The Situbondo White Sand Beach is a mistake of one popular tourist site in Situbondo that is almost never empty of visitors. This tourist attraction is name Pasir Situbondo Putih Beach because of the white color of the beach sand. Different from using more dominate by other beach tourist destinations. This Pasir Putih Beach tourist attraction has a green forest area that is locate far away base on the edge of the coastline.

Because of the existence of the green forest earlier, although it is hot temperature, this beach as cool. Holistically, the environmental conditions around Pasir Putih Situbondo Beach are still relatively beautiful. Such is the article about tourism in situbondo. Good luck and so much thanks.

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