Most Interesting Bondowoso Attractions to Visit

Most Interesting Bondowoso Attractions to Visit – Bondowoso TourBondowoso ist Attractions are indeed not inferior when compared to using other places in Indonesia. Bondowoso Tourist Attractions should be one of your destinations for a vacation along with using family, friends, or other love ones.

Bondowoso City is an eastern coastal area locate on the island of Java and has poly aesthetics and natural charm that will spoil the eyes of tourists. For that, this time the review will give you another way. Here are the most interesting Bondowoso tourist attractions to visit

Most Interesting Bondowoso Attractions to Visit

Wurung Crater Teletubbies Hill

Don’t you forget to use hill teletubbies? Bondowoso has Wurung Crater which is also claime to use Teletubbies Hill. This hill has a height of approximately 1,500 meters above sea level. As the Teletubbies Hill is calle, Wurung Crater Hill is covere by green grass like a tapestry and poly small hills that also surround it. The beauty of Wurung Crater will feel more amazing if you can reach zenit hill.

Blawan Falls

Bondowoso has many beautiful and enchanting waterfalls. However, one of the most interesting waterfalls to visit is Blawan Waterfall. This waterfall with a height of 30 meters is locate in Kalianyar Village, Ijen Bondowoso District. The unique thing but latif of this waterfall is that the water has a color like yellowish and can also emit smoke. It happens because there are still relatively high levels of sulfur in the water and the origin of Mount Ijen. Of course, water containing sulfur levels has good benefits for the body such as curing skin diseases. By paying a ticket for two thousand rupiah only you can already enjoy the aesthetics of Blawan Waterfall.

Ijen Crater

Ijen Crater is one of bondowoso tourist attractions and famous in Indonesia. Most people probably know that Ijen Crater is in Banyuwangi, but actually Ijen Crater is between Bondowoso and Banyuwangi. Kawah ijen has manage to attract the attention and interest of local tourists and even foreign tourists with the charm & beauty of Ijen Crater. Ijen Crater itself is a lake that has bluish water and is always covere by fog. The lake water containe in Ijen Crater has a very high acid content and is very stinging when inhale, so it is highly recommende to bring a nasal epilogue to protect yourself. And the most amazing of Ijen Crater is the presence of blue barah or blue fire that is not poly found in the world. The fire is derive from sulfur gas that mixes with air so as to produce a chemical reaction.

Weed Crater

Ilalang Crater is locate in The Tiger Cluster of Kalianyar Village, Ijen District, Bondowoso Regency. As the name implies, this Weed Crater is surrounde by many weed plants. With a panoramic background of Mount Raung and Mount Ijen equippe using weed plants that dance using latif, further adding to the charm and beauty of the weed crater. The sound of the wind that is latif on the Crater of Ilalang can also be heard using clear. Perfect for tourists who want to eliminate fatigue from the crowde capital.

Jabal Kirmit Hill

Do you want to enjoy the beauty of New Zealand? It seems that you don’t need to go far to get back to New Zealand. Go to Bukit jabal kirmit which is locate in Jampit Village, Ijen District, Bondowoso Regency. The beauty of the green grass and very spacious like a rug that covers it can greatly spoil the eyes. If in New Zealand there are still sheep farms, in Bukit Jabal Krimit there are horse farms and antelope farms that you can find. The air on Jabal Kirmit Hill is so cool that it will undoubtedly create anyone who arrives will feel at home to linger.

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