Most Visited Klaten Tourist Attractions

Klaten has many and truly beautiful tourist destinations, especially historical tourism which has the content of royal education in ancient times. Not only that, Klaten has a very beautiful water tourism and is no less interesting than other cities. And this is the recommendation of Klaten tourist attractions most visited.

Most Visited Klaten Tourist Attractions

1. Gondang Winangoen Sugar Factory

The journey of exploring the city of Klaten can begin with exploring its history. Klaten has one of the unique historical tours, namely the Gondang Winangoen Sugar Factory. This factory is among the oldest sugar factories in Indonesia and was built during the colonial era.

Visitors will be presented with the equipment used at that time. It can be said that this sugar factory is an exciting museum. Not only can it add insight, but tourists can also play with family.

And nowadays also added many fun game tools. Starting from outbound, steam trains that go around tourist areas, kids zones, waterparks to flying foxes.

2. Lepen Kencono

Klaten is included in a place that has many water sources in it. So that playing water in Klaten can be done in many places, one of which is in Lepen Kencono. Lepen Kencono is a playground that is very suitable for visiting family.

Facilities from slides to rocking bridges will bring the holiday even more exciting. The water is also clean and clear, inviting anyone to stop by not to miss playing water in Lepen Kencono. The surrounding nature that is still beautiful also adds to its attractiveness. Even to play here, there is no admission ticket.

3. Keprabon Tourism Village

Klaten not only has many beautiful places, but also a city that still maintains and also preserves traditional things. This includes traditional crafts even though the times are so modern.

One of the typical crafts is the carving on the horns of buffalo. And you can find it in Keprabon Tourism Village. Almost the entire community has the expertise to produce this craft.

This village is a tourist village that invites many tourists. You will be invited to see the process of making this unique craft. Not to forget, you can also hunt for souvenirs to be used as souvenirs.

4. Prambanan Temple

This magnificent and beautiful Prambanan Temple is very famous for its cultural and historical sites during the ancient kingdom. The aesthetics of Prambanan Temple is famous and can attract local and foreign tourists to travel and learn its history.

Prambanan Temple is located in the area of Prambanan District, Sleman and Prambanan Klaten district and about 17 km from Yogyakarta. This temple is a historical relic and deserves to be preserved.

5. Lumbung Temple

One of the characteristics that is very thick with historical relics on the island of Java is in the form of temples, one of which can be found in Klaten, namely the Lumbung Temple. The temple with a height of approximately 8 meters is one of the historical cheap Klaten tours which is also still in the same complex as prambanan temple.

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Lumbung Temple is one of the Buddhist temples located in the temple complex of Prambanan Temple, precisely in Tlogo Hamlet, Prambanan. This temple is still well maintained and this location is always a lot of stopovers to this historical tour.

Those are some of the Klaten tourist attractions that are most visited by tourists. If you are stopping by Klaten, then it’s not wrong to try one of them, let alone be able to try them all. Happy holidays to Klaten!

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