Mount Bromo Crater, How To Get There and Interesting Thing You Need To Know

Mount Bromo crater is the most popular spot from the entire spot of Mount Bromo complex. It is an ancient crater that legends said was made from the Mount Tengger explosion thousands of years ago. Here are things you need to know before packing your bag to Bromo:

1. How It’s Made

Geologically, it was made from the Mount Tengger explosion. This explosion creates a wide overlay of sand and caldera. Inside this caldera, a new mountain emerges, now famously known as Mount Bromo. Furthermore, this crater creates a very unique and fantastic shape and view. Tourists can enjoy seeing this crater closely from the safe area atop Mount Bromo.

2. Sacred Place for Tengger Tribe

Bromo Mountain is also home to the very last civilization of the Majapahit Kingdom called Tengger Tribe. Tengger’s people consider Bromo crater a sacred place where they used to send a prayer to God. They consistently do this tradition until now. At a certain time, there will be a ceremony held in this place as their high contribution to God and nature.

3. How to Get There

Tourist can start their journey to this crater from several cities in Central Java such as Pasuruan, Probolinggo, Malang, and Lumajang. But the most popular route is from Malang and continues to Tumpang village then Gubuk Klakah. You can also choose to go from Lumajang, where you will pass Sendura village, Ranu Pane, and straight to Mount Bromo.

4. What to See

Before you get to the edge of the crater side, you will enjoy an exotic spot you can hardly miss. It starts with a vast savannah with a giant cliff surrounding you from afar. Then, you can continue to Pasir Berbisik, a sand overlay with panoramic view and when the wind blows, the sand sounds like whispers. Before you get to the crater, take your time to Pura Luhur Poten where Tengger’s used to pray.

5. Catch Sunrise From The Crater

Watching the sunrise is the most popular activity in this very spot. To be able to do that, you need to climb to the top of the mountain. The climb starts at Cemoro Lawang village where you can choose to walk or ride a horse. Yes, there are horses you can rent to bring you up if you don’t want to get exhausted. The experience of riding a horse in Bromo is something unforgettable after all.

6. Kasada Ceremony

If you’re lucky, you will get the chance to see Kasada Ceremony. This ceremony is routinely held by Tengger’s people in order to gratitude God for his mercy. Furthermore, during this ceremony, they also pray for being spared from any harm. The most sacred ritual will be delivering crops to the Mount Bromo crater. Also, there will be a dancing show of Rara Anteng and Jaka Seger you don’t want to miss.

7. Camping at B29 Argosari

Take your time to camp at a tourist village called B29 Argosari. After a breathtaking climb to the crater of Bromo, you should feel the experience of staying in the land above the clouds. This camping site is located atop the hill of Argosari Village, Lumajang.

Mount Bromo crater offers panoramic and exotic views you can never find everywhere. The ticket price of this tour starts from IDR 30.000 for Indonesian tourists and IDR 220.000 for international tourists. You will also have to pay for parking starting from IDR 10.000.

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