Mount Semeru Hike to Experience at the Top of Java

Java has numerous active volcanoes that spread on the island, about 45 of them. Amongst these volcanoes, Mount Semeru is the highest one with 3,676 meters elevation. It is located in the East Java Province, which is a part of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park.

Although it is continuously active, Mount Semeru Volcano is the most popular volcano mountain to trek in Java. There are more than 140 thousand trekkers every year from across the country and even from aboard. Thus, it became an opportunity for locals at the village there to open up a business and provide service for these trekkers.

How to Get There

To reach Semeru Volcano location entry, you should go to Tumpang in Malang Regency. You can reach this whether through Abdu Rachman Saleh Airport in Malang or go there from Surabaya. Once you get to Tumpang, you should go to Ranupane Village which is the only entry point to Mount Semeru summit.

From Tumpang to Ranupane, you need around 2 hours to drive a jeep. After reaching the place, you should register your entrance then wait for the appropriate time to start to hike. Usually, you have to wait till morning to start the summit.

Before anything, you should book for registration way before your summit date. Because the mountain is famous and numerous hikers from around the world love to go there and are often fully booked till the next 3 months. Further, the National Park only limits the hiker to 600 people per day.

How Much It Cost

For the entrance fee, you have to pay 210 thousand rupiahs for a normal day and 310 thousand rupiahs for the holiday season and weekend. But for locals, you only need to pay 19 thousand rupiahs for a normal day and 24 thousand rupiahs for the weekend. 

Some agents offer packaging trips that will cover every fee that you need there from the entrance to accommodation and meal. The standard package would be around 9 to 10 million rupiahs per pax for two days and two nights. The number will get lower if you book for more people. 

Semeru’s Famous Trek to Summit

So, why do people love to witness this beauty from the East of Java? The answer is on the hilly mountain trek that you will get to witness once you start from Ranupane. Here is the summary of the famous Semeru’s trek:

  • You will start your journey from Ranupane, the village right by the mountain. The once agricultural village now turned to be a hiker village with accommodations for hikers.
  • From Ranupane, your first destination will be a lake called Ranu Kumbolo. From here, you can choose between the eastern or western trek. The eastern trek is more famous because of its low difficulty level and its panoramic scenery. To reach Ranu Kumbolo, you need around 3 hours of trekking.
  • After Ranu Kumbolo, you have to reach for Kalimati which became the basecamp and hikers would stick up their tend and take a rest for the night. The distance between Ranu Kumbolo and Kalimati is also another 3 hours.
  • The last destination would be the summit which usually happens at the midnight. This way hikers will catch the sunrise while they are on top. From Kalimati to the summit, it will take 2 hours.

The best time to climb Mount Semeru is around April to September. Because this time around there will be less probability of rain. Also, if you decide to the summit, make sure that you are physically capable. 

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