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East Kalimantan Muara Ancalong Nature Reserve

Muara Ancalong Nature Reserve

Latitude : 0 26 24 N Logitude : 116 40 12 E
Altitude : 0 to 30 metres
Area : 0 ha Wetlands: 0 ha
Site Description
A small ox-bow lake on the right bank of the Sungai Telen about 1 km upstream from Muara Ancalong. The lake has not been visited, and no information available. Included, because according to local information, it houses a large colony of Fruit Bats Pteropus vampyrus. On April 14 1985, the compiler estimated a total of some 17,000 bats flying S.W. over the village at dusk. If bats were also flying in other directions out from the roots, the total colony must number tens of thousands.

East Kalimantan

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