Natural Attractions in Jakarta Are Perfect for Vacation

Natural attractions in Jakarta can be a place for a vacation. Yes, while enjoying the beautiful scenery and exploring the outdoors can be a great option to fill the time off. Enjoying the beauty of the trees or visiting water tours can also help calm the mind after such a busy day.

For those of you who are Jakartans, or who want to visit this city, you can also enjoy the natural tourism of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. Although this metropolitan city is famous for its busyness and congestion, Jakarta also has interesting and enchanting natural attractions to visit. Well, for that there are some recommendations for Natural attractions in Jakarta that you need to visit. Here is the review.

Natural Attractions in Jakarta Are Perfect for Vacation

1. Thousand Islands

Jakarta’s first natural tourism is the Thousand Islands. Thousand Islands has long been known as a tourist destination for local and foreign tourists. In this tourist spot, you will be presented with a beautiful panorama of the arrangement of islands and the blue sea. This place is the best destination to be able to enjoy natural attractions in Jakarta.

There are several uninhabited islands that present such beautiful scenery, such as Angel Island, Putri Island, Putri sleep, and Pramuka Island. Not only the island, another attraction of this tourist spot is its amazingly beautiful underwater panorama. No wonder many people make this place as one of the best diving destinations.

2. Suropati Park

The second jakarta nature tourism is Suropati Park. Suropati Park is located in the elite Menteng area and offers a soothing beautiful situation. The trees lined up neatly in this park create such a charming view and also fresh air. This place is perfect for those of you who want to calm down from the busyness.

This park is often used as a place to relax, take pictures, and hunt for cuisine along the way by the people. Several photo spots are in this natural tourist spot in Jakarta, including statues of UN members. In the evening, this place also serves music from artists who stop by to entertain.

3. Srengseng City Forest

The third natural attraction in Jakarta is the Srengseng City Forest. Jakarta is often described as a city that has many magnificent buildings and the stagnation of its streets. But on the other hand, Jakarta also stores green places in the form of forests in the West Jakarta section.

In this place, there are approximately 4,000 trees with various varieties. The facilities are also quite complete. There are children’s playgrounds, food courts, jogging tracks, fishing areas, to public facilities such as public toilets, prayer rooms, and parking lots.

4. Menteng Park

The fourth natural attraction in Jakarta is Menteng Park. If you want to invite your family to enjoy nature in Jakarta, Menteng Park can be a great destination. In this park, you will be presented with soothing trees and a game arena that will spoil your children. Not to mention the jogging track and fountain in this place.

Not only as a recreational place, this park can also be used as a sports arena. In the north part of the park there are two futsal courts and one basketball court. In the north section of the park there are two futѕаl courts and one basket courts. Almost every afternoon this place is always crowded with matches in this sports arena. There are also places for skareboarding, Bmx bikes, to parkour.

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Those are some of the Natural attractions in Jakarta that you need to visit if you are in jakarta, don’t forget to visit the places mentioned above

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