Here Are  Natural Attractions in Bali That Captivate The Hearts of Tourists

When you hear Bali, what you always remember is the beauty of Kuta Beach or the magic of Tanah Lot which is not empty of visitors. It turns out, not only the two common tourist attractions, Bali still has several natural attractions with amazing scenery. Therefore, there is Nature tourism in Bali with its charm of beauty.

For travelers who intend to spend a vacation to Bali for relaxation and while enjoying the aesthetics of nature to be happy, Nature tourism in Bali below is highly recommended. Come on, see the following explanation.

Here Are  Natural Attractions in Bali That Captivate The Hearts of Tourists

1. Pinggan Village

Pinggan Village is not a tourist attraction in the Mount Batur area. However, the scenery in this one place is very alluring so that travelers will be miserable once they get to this place. Tourists who want to enjoy the aesthetics of Mount Batur and rice fields from a distance can visit in the morning or evening. In the morning, the mountain scenery will be foggy. Meanwhile, at night, there are many light paths twinkling at the foot of the mountain.

2. Tukad Melangit

Tukad Melangit is a hilly area in Bangli Regency, Bali. This area has cliffs filled with green shrubs and anjung house that juts out to the edge of the ravine. Unless you like selfies in places that are a bit extreme, Tukad Melangit is highly recommended. Tukad Melangit is open daily, from morning to evening. To be able to enjoy all the natural aesthetics here, it is recommended to visit in the morning when this area is not yet crowded with visitors.

3. Melasti Beach, Ungasan

Melasti Beach, which is located in Ungasan, not only has beach sand and very beautiful coral rocks. A few meters from the shoreline there are high cliffs that are often climbe by tourists. From this cliff, you can see the nautical aesthetic from a distance which is blue.

During the rainy season, this high hill will be fed with a lot of water to create dozens of very beautiful mini waterfalls. The best time to visit this beach is in the morning and evening so as not to be expose to the hot air.

4. Yeh Leh Beach

This Yeh Leh Beach is rarely visite by tourists even though the sea view is very alluring. You can see millions of stones of various sizes on the outskirts of the beach at low tide. Some of the rocks here are overgrown with thick moss to look like alluring green rugs. If you want to enjoy this fun beach for relaxation, it is recommende to visit in the afternoon. The sunset event on this beach is very beautiful so that it must be capture with a camera.

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