Nature Tourism in Magelang, Which is Suitable for Adventurous Spirits!

Magelang is a city close to Yogyakarta so that many foreign and local tourists visit the city. Magelang is a city that is rich in natural scenery because it is flanked by 4 mountains so the natural scenery there is certainly too charming. If you want to enjoy nature tourism in Magelang, here are the recommendations.

Nature Tourism in Magelang, Suitable for Those of You Who Are Adventurous!

Pinusan Kragilan

This tourist spot is one of the tourist attractions that many young people like. There you can take a variety of photos that can beautify your social media pages. Rows of pine trees lined up beautifully add to the beauty there.

You can take in the middle of a tree that looks like you are abroad. It is one of the most cozy places and attracts the attention of many local and foreign tourists. You can take interesting and different photos in this place.

Mount Telomoyo

From this tourist spot you can see the view of the four nearest mountains from a distance, namely Mount Ungaran, Mount Andong, Mount Merbabu, and Mount Sumbing. While hiking on a motorbike, you can see a variety of exotic scenery.

The scenery includes waterfalls, green expanses of rice fields owned by residents, or plantations planted by local residents as their livelihood. With the 8 kilos of smooth road access, you can also drive other vehicles, not only motorbikes to climb Mount Telomoyo.

This place is highly recommended to visit. Because of the height of this mountain peak, you can see Mount Prau, Mount Sindoro, to the vast expanse of Rawa Pening lake.

Mount Andong

Mount Andong, this place is often referred to as the easiest climbing spot for novice climbers. This tour offers beautiful views of nature and mountains that can be enjoyed while climbing.

There are also many camping spots provided by the manager. The higher the basecamp, the more beautiful the scenery will be. When you get to the top, you will see a sea of white clouds and a view of the stars at night.

The green expanse of trees adds to the unique and cool charm that exists in this place. Not only that, the most awaited sight by tourists who climb here is the sunrise event. The beautiful yellowish-orange color will color the sea of clouds.

Sekar Langit Waterfall

If you want a cool and also beautiful atmosphere during your vacation, the right choice is to visit this Sekar Langit Waterfall tourist spot. This waterfall is an angel waterfall in the story of Jaka Tingkir.

Where Jaka Tingkir saw the angel bathing and hid the angel’s cloth and in the end Jaka Tingkir married the angel. The road to this waterfall is very winding and steep so you have to be more careful. You’d better avoid slippery rocks.

Punthuk Kendil

In this place, you can see the beautiful scenery of the sunset that is between the two mountains. The charm that this place offers is to enjoy the beauty of a high place. Not only that, on this tour there are many viewing booths provided as a place for tourists to relax while enjoying the scenery.

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A favorite place for tourists who stop by here is a viewing booth that faces directly to the West towards the sunset. In this place you can see by knowing the moment of the beautiful sunset. The tinge of orange clouds seemed to add to the charm of the sky. Confused about where to go on a nature tour? Just go to Magelang! With all its natural beauty, you will be spoiled with a very memorable trip. Let’s visit Magelang!

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