Nature Tourism in Magelang that is Unique You Must Visit

Tourism in Magelang City is not only Borobudur Temple, there are many interesting tourist destinations that you can visit when visiting the city of Magelang. There are so many beautiful natural scenery presented in magelang city that you must explore. For this reason, visit nature tourism in Magelang during holidays.

Want to understand what are the interesting nature tourism in Magelang? Here are some natural tourist destinations in magelang city that you can visit.

Nature Tourism in Magelang that is Unique and Instagramable You Must Visit

1. Silacur Viewpoint – Kaliangkrik

Silacur Viewpoint is a natural tourist destination located at the foot of the mountain. This place is a place with amazing mountain views. The natural panorama of the mountains and flower gardens is perfect to use for selfie areas.

Not only the mountains and flower gardens, you can also enjoy the beautiful sunrise with its golden color in the morning. The best time for you to visit this exact is in the morning, you will get a situation that will feel amazed.

At this Viewpoint there is also a place to camp if you want to see the sunrise. The temperature at this viewpoint is quite cold, so you should not forget to prepare a thick jacket so as not to get cold. A prime atmosphere is needed when visiting this viewing booth.

2. Kulon Ndeso – Muntilan Tourism

If you want to take a vacation with quiet and beautiful village conditions, you must stop by this tourist destination. A destination located in the countryside with a view of the rice fields that will relieve fatigue. Natural attractions that preserve the local wisdom of the local population.

This tourist destination is located in the place of Muntilan, a tour developed by the people. One of the attractions of tourism in Kulon Ndeso is the bamboo bridge that spans the green rice fields. This spot is often used as a place to take selfies by tourists.

The right time to visit this place is in the morning, at that time the air is still fresh and not very crowded with visitors. You have to be careful as it goes on, because the bridge does not have a fence on the right or left side. You need to be careful not to fall into the rice fields.

3. Kedung Kayang Waterfall – Sawangan

Kedung Kayang Waterfall offers a natural aesthetic that is still beautifully calm. This waterfall. The height of this waterfall is approximately 40 meters, not only that the water that falls on this waterfall is also quite heavy. You will also get a cool state around this waterfall.

A favorite place to view from this waterfall, is a viewing booth. This viewpoint is located on a tree with a stunning panorama of the waterfall. To take pictures at the pAndang substation, you have to pay 10 thousand rupiah.

4. Ketep Pass – Sawangan

Ketep Pass is a tourist destination located at the top of Sawangan Hill, with a cool air typical of the mountains that envelop it. Ketep Pass offers an incredible panorama, in the four cardinal directions you can see a panoramic view of the five mountains that surround it.

The mountains that you can see are Mount Merapi, Mount Slamet, Mount Merbabu, Mount Sumbing, and Mount Sindoro. Many tourists stop in the morning to be able to take pictures of the sunrise. Keep in mind that temperatures are quite cold in the morning.

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In this place there is a place that allows you to see the five mountains with tofu. The place is called Panca Arga, which means five mountains. Not only that there is also the Volcanology Museum, where you can see the history of Mount Merapi. Well, those are some reviews of natural tourism in Magelang, don’t forget to visit during holidays and thank you.

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