Ngurtafur Beach, a Paradise in Maluku

Indonesia Travel Magazine Indonesia has many beautiful beaches across the country. Bali and Lombok are known for having the most popular beaches in Indonesia. However, other than these two islands, Maluku is also known for having a stunning and unique beach, known as Ngurtafur Beach.

Unlike other kinds of beaches, Ngurtafur Beach will give you a different sensation as it is in the middle of the sea. The beach stretches across the open sea making it look like a snake from above and letting you see two sides of the sea. Even though it seems a bit scary, overall, the waves are safe across the years.

Where is the Beach?

This wonderful beach is in Kei Islands, in Southeast Maluku. To reach the beach, people from big cities will have to fly to Ambon first. Then continue your flight to a smaller city called Langgur where you will arrive at Karel Sadsuitbun Airport. The flight from Surabaya or Jakarta to this small airport may take around one day, so make sure to make any itinerary on your first day.

After arriving at the airport, you’ll have to head to the Debut Harbor to cross the island. As there are not many visitors, normally people will have to rent a motorboat to reach the beach.

Reasons to Visit the Beach

There are many beaches in Indonesia, however, none of them is like Ngurtafur Beach. As it is in the middle of the sea, people can get a different sensation and experience that they have never felt before. So, if you’re asking why you should visit this beach, here are some reasons!

1. Located in the middle of the Sea

This beach is unique because it stretches between the open sea. When walking down the beach, you will feel like you are walking inside the water. You’ll also be able to see a bit of the underwater just from the side of the beach!

2. Seeing Australian Pelican Birds

If you come at the right time, you can see pelican birds during their migration season. Pelican birds are birds with big, long beaks that look like a pouch. Normally they are found in Australia and Florida. Therefore, if you get to see them on this beach, you are very lucky!

3. Seeing Leatherback Turtles

Another sea animal that you can see on this beach is the leatherback turtle, the tabob. They are rare and hard to see on most beaches in the world. However, on this beach, they are protected species therefore people can still catch sight of them.

When to Come?

If you want to feel the good weather, then come to the beach around April to May or October to December. The weather in these months is good and the waves are not too big. Therefore, during these months people can enjoy a walk on the beach and snorkeling without any issue.

There is no entrance fee to the beach. However, you will have to pay extra if you do any extra activities such as snorkeling or diving. Overall, even though the journey can be a bit long but the trip to Ngurtafur Beach is worth the time!

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