Beach Tourism in North Kalimantan that Hits

North Kalimantan is an area that has the most hit beach tourist destinations so it is worth visiting. Even the surrounding people have a suave personality so that tourists feel at home for a long time on vacation in North Kalimantan, of course, the opportunity to get new relatives is realized as well as happy to explore instagramable beach tourism.

In addition, the aesthetics of the beaches scattered in North Kalimantan are too exotic so that there are countless interesting spots that pamper visitors. It is guarantee that visitors will not be disappointed in exploring the aesthetics of the beach, even it is still beautiful and the area is hygienic because it is always maintaine. For this reason, as a tourist, it is mandatory to maintain the aesthetics of the beach by taking care of it.

Beach Tourism in North Kalimantan that Hits

Unfortunately, some residents are still confuse about determining the beach in North Kalimantan as a vacation place with loved ones. For this reason, below are available recommendations for 3 beaches in North Kalimantan that are most hits visite. Here is the review for you.

1. Kelapa Mangkupadi Beach

In fact, Kelapa Mangkupadi beach is located in the Bulungan area which is countless overgrown with coconut trees so that the surrounding conditions of the beach are very shady. Of course, it is very suitable for you to unwind during activities in the city, no wonder city visitors who take time to this beach every Saturday or holiday. It is with the beauty of this beach that visitors are attracte to come to it. None other than, just want to enjoy the beauty of this beach.

In addition, especially when the sun is hot, visitors can immediately enjoy the cool sensation of coconut water purchased around the beach. Of course, the atmosphere is getting more beautiful, you can explore the facilities on the beach, such as riding water with a group, diving or wandering around the beach. Try to make sure you and your group have excellent fitness so that you can enjoy all activities on the beach.

2. Tanah Kuning Beach

Tanah Kuning Beach is a mainstay of tourists when traveling to North Kalimantan because it has hygienic white sand, as a result, most tourists choose to play sand together with various forms. Among them are sandcastles, car shapes and others, no doubt children enjoy the activity the most and bring various forms of molds.

The majority of tourists are amaze and willing to take time many times by visiting tanah Kuning beach. The reason is that the atmosphere is too cool so it is suitable as a place to unwind during daily activities. Try to choose the right vacation time with the right vacation so that you like to enjoy the stunning aesthetics of the beach.

3. Batu Lamampu Beach

Batu Lamampu Beach is located in the Nunukan area and is a tourist area in North Kalimantan, precisely the one that borders immediately along with Malaysia. Interestingly, the beach is still virgin so the atmosphere is still beautiful and natural, as a result, visitors are happy to explore the beach.

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In addition, the beach has a coastline of 3 km and has hygienic brown sand, of course beautiful along with its light blue sea water. Of course, the activities around the beach are very charming and exotic so they must be visite.

Tourists can go to the beach it comes from Nunukan which requires a journey of about 1 hour. During the trip tourists will not feel bored because the sky situation is no less beautiful, although the facilities are not complete but irreplaceable with an aesthetic that is too exotic. Those are some of the reviews that discuss beach tourism in Kalimantan Uatara with the reviews above hopefully useful and can help tourists who want to visit the beach.

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