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North Sulawesi, Soputan volcano

North Sulawesi, Soputan volcano


Country: Indonesia
Subregion Name: Sulawesi (Indonesia)
Volcano Number: 0606-03=
Volcano Type: Stratovolcano
Volcano Status: Historical
Last Known Eruption: 2011
Summit Elevation: 1784 m 5,853 feet
Latitude: 1.108°N 1°6’30″N
Longitude: 124.73°E 124°44’0″E
The small Soputan stratovolcano on the southern rim of the Quaternary Tondano caldera on the northern arm of Sulawesi Island is one of Sulawesi’s most active volcanoes. The youthful, largely unvegetated volcano rises to 1784 m and is located SW of Sempu volcano. It was constructed at the southern end of a SSW-NNE trending line of vents. During historical time the locus of eruptions has included both the summit crater and Aeseput, a prominent NE-flank vent that formed in 1906 and was the source of intermittent major lava flows until 1924.

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