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North Sumatra, Sinabung volcano

North Sumatra, Sinabung volcano


Country: Indonesia
Subregion Name: Sumatra (Indonesia)
Volcano Number: 0601-08=
Volcano Type: Stratovolcano
Volcano Status: Historical
Last Known Eruption: 2010 
Summit Elevation: 2460 m 8,071 feet
Latitude: 3.17°N 3°10’0″N
Longitude: 98.392°E 98°23’30″E
Gunung Sinabung is a Pleistocene-to-Holocene stratovolcano with many lava flows on its flanks. The migration of summit vents along a N-S line gives the summit crater complex an elongated form. The youngest crater of this conical, 2460-m-high andesitic-to-dacitic volcano is at the southern end of the four overlapping summit craters. An unconfirmed eruption was noted in 1881, and solfataric activity was seen at the summit and upper flanks of Sinabung in 1912. No confirmed historical eruptions were recorded prior to explosive eruptions during August-September 2010 that produced ash plumes to 5 km above the summit.

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