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Ohoidertawun Beach

Ohoidertawun Beach


The stunning white sand beaches of Kei Islands!
Let me introduce… Ngur Bloat and Ohoidertawun..

Ngur means Pasir and Bloat means Panjang.
Pantai Pasir Panjang (Ngur Bloat) is soooo amazing. Lonely Planet describes it as “3 km of white sand so powdery it feels like flour”. So lovely.. so ‘white’.. so beautiful : )

We slept on the beach that night. With thousands of stars looking after us from up above. Wow!
The morning sunshine woke us up the next morning. Hahaa.. it was my first time sleeping on the beach till morning : )

Ohoidertawun. This beach is also an amazing one. White sand everywhere..

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