Ora Beach, 5 Unforgettable Things to Do

Maluku is one of the provinces in eastern Indonesia, which has many natural tourist attractions, especially beach tourism. Each beach has its beauty, one of which is Ora Beach. This beach is located on Seram Island, precisely in North Seram District, Central Maluku, Maluku Province.

What to Do

Ora beach offers an extraordinary view with turquoise sea water and breezy winds that make the atmosphere calm. A variety of marine life and clear seawater will provide an irreplaceable experience. If you want to know some of the things you can do here, below is the review:

1. Chilling Out

You cannot doubt the natural beauty of this beach. Clear turquoise seawater, fine white sand, and mountain views behind the beach will amaze you. Then, behind this beach are the hills of the Manusela National Park so that it offers a refreshing view. The breezy wind and calm atmosphere make this beach the perfect place for you to chill out.

2. Snorkeling and Diving

The wealth of marine life and coral reefs on this beach will provide an unforgettable diving experience. Moreover, you only need to dive as deep as 2-3 meters and you can already see the beautiful and colorful coral reefs.

In addition, you can also see several types of fish, sea urchins, and exotic sea stars. For those of you who want to dive, you can bring your diving equipment. Or, you can rent in Ambon because there are no shops selling diving equipment on this beach.

To be able to snorkel or dive, you need to take a small boat that can accommodate 6-7 people. The cost of boat rental starts from IDR 300,000 to IDR. 500,000.

3. Stay at Resort or Cottage

The attraction of this beach is the many houses on stilts built on seawater. This inn not only offers a refreshing view of the sea. However, it also allows you to jump straight from the room into the ocean.

The rate per night staying at this resort reaches IDR 1,500,000 per cottage, including breakfast. Due to the limited number of rooms, if you want to stay overnight, you have to book in advance.

4. Eat Maluku’s Signature Dishes

When traveling to Ora Beach, you can enjoy traditional Maluku cuisine. The most popular traditional food in Maluku is sago noodles topped with dried fish. Then, you can also directly see the process of making sago noodles to make them more impressive.

5. Visit Manusela National Park

You can even see the hills of this national park from the beach. There are various flora and fauna typical of Maluku that you can see here.

Examples are Eucalyptus, mangroves, sea pine, ketapang, cockatoos, cassowaries, cuscus, and others. For those of you who just want to enjoy the view of this national park from afar, you can use a motorboat to get around.

How to Get There

If you want to come to ora beach, you don’t need to pay for an entrance ticket because it’s free. However, you need to prepare more money for transportation to this beach. This is because of its remote location and requires quite expensive transportation costs.

Moreover, to go to this beach, you have to go to Ambon City. Arriving at Pattimura Airport, Ambon, you can choose to go to this beach by sea or land. Many people choose to use the sea route because it is faster than the land route. Then, to get to the port, you have to use public transportation by land for approximately two hours.

Arriving at Tulehu Harbor, you have to take a ferry to Amahai Harbor for about two hours by fast boat. The ticket price is Rp. 150,000 for VIP and IDR 92,000 for the economy. Then, you have to go to Saleman Village Harbor by renting a car because there is no public transportation and it takes 2 – 2.5 hours. To get to this beach, you can rent a small boat and it only takes 10-15 minutes.

That’s interesting information about Ora Beach and you can use it as a reference. Although the beach is quite difficult to access, it is worth trying. You will see the many attractions of this beach and have an experience that you will remember forever.

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