Padar Island, A Beautiful Gem In Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park has become globally popular these past few years. This destination does not only have a Komodo dragon habitat but also exciting activities and stunning scenery that you will not find in other places. Now, from all the islands in Komodo National Park, one of the islands that you must visit is Padar Island.

What to Expect

Padar Island is located between Komodo and Rinca Island. Unfortunately, not like these two islands, there are no Komodo Dragons on this island. This is due to the lack of food and many hunting activities. Despite having no Komodo Dragons, this island has beautiful scenery, especially from the top viewpoint. If you succeed in reaching the top, you’ll get to see a panoramic view of the hills, sea, and islands around.

Reaching the top is not an easy journey and will need a bit of effort. However, compared to other islands, the trek here is shorter and easier to hike. Overall, to get to the top, you’ll need around 20-30 minutes. If you do come to this island, make sure to bring and use comfortable footwear.

Entrance Fee

The entrance fee here is quite confusing as there are many small booths in Padar. However, if you want to enjoy all the highlights on the island, including the island hike, then you can buy the 1-day park pass which will cost around $37 or around Rp 550.000 (entrance fee in 2021).

As for those who are planning to bring a drone, please note that you’ll have to pay an extra Rp 1.000.000 or around $70 to fly them around. Starting in 2020, they don’t let everyone fly the drones unless they pay the drone fee. This is to secure and make sure that the view doesn’t get crowded.

Best Time to Visit

Padar Island is beautiful throughout the year, so you can visit it anytime. However, if you want to enjoy the hike in cooler and more comfortable weather, then it is best to come in July to August. But please remember that these months are the high seasons on the island, so it can get crowded and expensive too.

As for those who want to go hiking, then come early in the morning, when the temps are still cool and not too hot. At around 06.00 – 07.00 am, the view is also stunning, especially with the dramatic lighting.

How to Get to Padar Island

There are a few ways to get to the Island, depending on where you are from. For those interested to come, here some options:

  • From Bali: Direct flight to Labuan Bajo. After arriving at Labuan Bajo, you’ll also have to rent a boat to cross the island. This adventure takes around 2 hours.
  • From Bali: By ferry that will take around 33 hours. Even though this is quite long but during the trip you can beautiful scenery of the sea.
  • From Lombok: Direct flight to Bajo & rent boat. Overall will take 3 hours.

Renting a speed boat alone can be quite expensive. Therefore, to minimize the cost, try to find other people that have the same itinerary and share the cost. An easier way to enjoy the island is by joining an open trip, where all the transportation, accommodations, and meals are prepared by the tour.

So, if you are planning to visit Labuan Bajo, make sure to take a visit to Padar Island too. Even though it is a bit pricey, the experience you will get is worth the price!

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