The Charm of Peh Pulo Blitar Beach is Second to None

Peh Pulo Beach is a cheap picnic spot in Blitar East Java that is ready to spoil your weekend holiday visit. Spending holidays with family by exploring the natural beauty of Indonesia is indeed a fun thing. Peh Pulo Blitar Beach is no exception with anti-mainstream spot treats, clean white sand, and bluish clear water.

Tourist attractions that must be visited while on vacation in Blitar Regency, boredom and saturation will be fresh again when in this place. The atmosphere reconciled with the gust of fresh breeze and the beautiful scenery made him always missed. So do not be surprise if peh pulo beach attractions are never empty of visitors. Keep up with this content to understand the most beautiful tours in the indonesiatravelmagazine article.

The Charm of Peh Pulo Blitar Beach is Second to None

Peh Pulo Beach provides anti-mainstream spots that will spoil your vacation trip, and get an interesting experience with unforgettable sensations. When you are digging for tourist information about Peh Pulo Beach, check out the interesting reviews below. Enjoy a fun weekend off with your family by exploring the incredible beauty of Peh Pulo Blitar Beach.

Peh Pulo Beach Entrance Ticket Price

Explore the natural beauty of Peh Pulo Beach, you will be spoil with interesting spots and rides in it. Cheap admission is ready to spoil your vacation trip in Blitar Regency with its best destination. When you want to visit Peh Pulo Beach, the entrance ticket price is Rp.5,000 / person. Very cheap and pocket-friendly for tourists who want a low-budget vacation in Blitar Regency, East Java.

Peh Pulo Beach tourist destination is open to the public with daily operations for 24 hours. So you can be satisfy exploring and exploring intragenic spots from Peh Pulo Beach with love ones.

Address and Location Route

When you plan a vacation to Peh Pulo Beach, the location is located in Sumbersih, Panggungrejo, Blitar Regency, East Java. When you visit Peh Pulo Beach by vehicle from downtown Blitar, the distance traveled is about 44 km, and you can use a car.

A considerable distance, but your vacation trip will pay off when enjoying the natural beauty of this Blitar beach. This cheap festive picnic spot in Blitar Regency offers the best spots with natural beauty.

Not only interesting rides and spots, Peh Pulo Beach also offers supporting facilities such as Tourist vehicle parking locations are quite spacious, Tourist stalls, Mushola, Public toilets, Camping grounds, an Information center, and Gazebo, Seating, Exciting game rides, Tourist boats, Instagramable photo spots.

Tourist Attractions in Peh Pulo Beach

Vacation on the beach is fun, especially with loved ones with interesting spots in it. When you spend a holiday at Peh Pulo Beach, many exciting activities are recommend to be explore.

In addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery with the atmosphere of reconciling Peh Pulo Beach, don’t miss the best activities. That is to take a bath and enjoy its freshness to relax the soul and tired mind. Clean white sand with clear water is ready to spoil your weekend holidays with your beloved family. Don’t forget to prepare the camera for intragenic photo hunting activities, and get pictures of with family.

There are still many interesting spots that you can explore when traveling in Peh Pulo Beach, Blitar Regency, and East Java. Such as exciting camping, sunbathing, marine tourism, and fishing to delicious seafood culinary at Peh Pulo Beach. A little about Peh Pulo Beach review, Kabupateb Blitar. How, are you interest in visiting it? It is suitable for holidays with family on weekends. Happy holidays

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